More mobile content please

Like many others, I have a smartphone and so I have my email, agenda, contacts, … with me on the road. Great. And I got access to the Windows Live services like Mail, Messenger & Search and even a page as well. But I really miss good content for mobile. Amazingly there’s not that much out there that is enabled for mobile. This shouldn’t be all that expensive though so why not? Your customers are going mobile, shouldn’t you as well?

BBC has got a decent mobile version, which I use mainly to follow the F1 races while I’m out, the other stuff is much too UK focused for me. Also TIME has a mobile version, but that’s no use for me at all. Local content? Business content related to Marketing, Online, … I don’t have any. Simon Andrews posted a top 10 mobile (applications) a while ago, but again apart from a mobile Wikipedia, there’s not much I’ll be using. And last but not least, Micropersuasion is available on mobile. Still, if anyone knows some good mobile ready sites on Belgian news or sites related to marketing, advertising, internet, … just let me know. I got some traveling ahead :-)

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  1. I haven’t tried this myself (shame on me), but Datanews has a PDA version. Check it out.

  2. pradeep says:

    phonelinx is the answer

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