I ___ this ad! Feel free to comment

Consumers want to interact with brands. In the interactive media a lot of brands figured that out by now and are trying to find the ideals ways for this interaction. The thing is that brands don’t really have a choice whether they want to be part of the conversation or not, like many have experienced already.

With traditional media this interaction is a lot more difficult since publishers & advertisers own that space a lot more. But not always as Xgeronimo proves with his guerrilla sticker campaign: I ___ this ad! It was set up to raise public awareness about the quality of outdoor advertising, but I see it also as a sign of consumers getting fed up with (bad) advertising being more and more intrusive. USA Today even calls it advertising ad nauseam.


The ‘I ___ this ad!’ guerrilla started in Berlin, but was also seen in Seoul (by rebel baby). I got my fingers crossed for this campaign to spread ;-)

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