New Kinepolis website

I was waiting for this to happen and today is the day. Kinepolis Group just put it’s new website online at For those people that know me not only from this blog (or have read the ‘About me’ post – who does?), you know that I spent 7 years of my career working at Kinepolis so this is still extra exciting for me. It’s also the first big website upgrade that I haven’t been involved in.

Apart from a totally fresh layout and some new navigation like the iTunes-style trailer flip (see screenshot below) and better integration of the trailer viewer they’ve added some new up to date features like RSS feeds. I’m a bit overwhelmed with the rich navigation, but overall it looks very nice and the colorful images on the grey background make it a visual pleasure. Just go easy on the ads please.

Together with this new website comes the first real mobile site of Kinepolis, which you can check at I had the chance to testdrive that a little over the last few months and I must say I like that one a lot. Maybe you remember that I asked for mobile content last year, and I can’t say the landscape changed a lot. Luckily I’m on the Deepfish beta which allows me to visit non-mobile ready sites on my mobile.

Congrats to Suan and the team at Edge who’ve been working on this for the last few months, I’ll be surfing some more to find out about all the new stuff ;) And now Kineticket?

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