Meet the connected consumer

Last week Razorfish released their 2008 Consumer Experience Report which had (according to the report) a simple mission:

“To gain a better understanding of how technology affects today’s digital consumer experience and explore the emerging trends that will shape those experiences for years to come.”

I’ve been reading the report during my flight back home from Los Angeles and found it very much worth the time. Although I do prefer research that isn’t just US focused, I can recommend this to everyone so make sure you download it and check it out (PDF). More results are to be expected on Razorfish’s Digital Design Blog according to this post.



  1. Thanks for the rapport. Very interesting stuff by the way. Especially about ‘Leverage the platform, not just the site’. I reckon a lot of startups should keep that in mind when they create their business model. A lot of startups have great ideas, capabilities to develop them, but lack the vision to see beyond the initial idea. When creating they look outside the box and as soon as ‘production’ begins, they shut down and become narrowminded.


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