Huge & Tiny. This must be New York

This was my first thought after I spent a few hours in NYC on Monday. No discussion that the city is big, no it’s huge. The skyscrapers, Central Park, amount of people living in Brooklyn, … it’s all pretty big. But looking down from Rockefeller Center, you see these appartment and office building with ‘only’ 20-30 floors… in Manhattan, that’s like nothing. And talking about small, my room in the Hudson hotel fits in the bathroom of the London hotel I was last week.


On Monday night I went out for dinner and drinks with Kevin Slavin, who runs a pretty exciting company called Area/Code. We met in Paris at LeWeb3 last year, but coming to NY was a good opportunity to meet up again. We had a good night out at a place called Frankies 17 and it was good catching up. Good luck with the business! Remember what I told you on Live Search for Mobile ;)

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