What’s on an advertiser’s mind?

My colleague Philippe gives a lot of training sessions and lectures on digital marketing at some of the bigger companies in Belgium. This results in an a list of frequent asked questions that he shared with us on his (interesting blog). Here they are:

  • How far should I go in the dialogue with the users? Can I accept controversy on my website? What moderation level is acceptable?
  • Is online advertising making sense without a decent website?
  • Are there examples of 2.0 initiatives made by traditional brands that went totally out of hand?
  • How can impressions be compared to television GRPs?
  • How intrusive should I be? (expandable formats, videos with sound on by default)
  • What does interaction rate (only available for rich media formats) tell me about the impact of my campaign?
  • Does the long tail change anything to the way I should communicate with my target group?
  • Why on earth do people use sites like second life?

Maybe trivial for some of you, but given the fact that these are ‘frequently asked’ I think we need to spend more time on clarifying this to advertisers.

So I had an idea. Why don’t I send this list of questions to some these marketers that I respect most, like Joseph Jaffe, CK, Mark Goren, Ann Handley, … remember the list I put up a few days ago. Hoping that they will reply on these questions, the idea is that I will this together somehow and post it back here, but also on the IAB Interact European Congress blog. What’s better than get some of the best marketers out there answer to these advertisers questions in front of a big advertiser audience?

And your all you others reading this blog, feel free to answer one or more of these questions, add questions that you got from advertisers, … I’d love to hear what you have to say on this.

[Update: I just noticed Philippe asked the first question to Joseph himself already, here’s his answer]

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