What we want from our PR agencies

The Twelve Consultancy – a PR consultancy themselves for the record – did a survey of some sort with 100 marketing directors to name the five key things that they want from their PR agency. This resulted in this list:

  • A thorough understanding of their business and industry sector – the best PRs understand their clients’ complete business landscape, which allows them to make strategic recommendations based on the marketplace or competitive climate and achieve quality coverage rather column inches for the sake of it;
  • Creativity – successful PR programmes always have one thing in common: constant innovation and challenging conventional thinking;
  • Strong writing skills – agencies must bring their clients’ stories to life in a way that will engage the media;
  • Strategic thinking – clients depend on PR agencies, as a third party with an objective but still knowledgeable perspective to offer up another way to look at any given situation;
  • Access to senior people – it’s reassuring for clients to know that individuals throughout all levels of the agency are invested in the account. PR is still a people business and clients want to see that they’ll get experienced and knowledgeable people working on their business.

Definitely not bad and not limited to PR really. Change the 3rd into ‘strong design skills’ and you get the list of 5 key things you want from your advertising agency if you ask me.

[Via the Marketing blog]

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