Made to Stick

First things first, this really is a great book. I’m not done with it yet, so my review will be for sometime soon. This is more about a curiosity, as the book reminded me of a classic Stones album.

stickyfingers.jpg madetostick.gif

Was it the ‘stickiness factor’ of both products? Well, it wasn’t actually. ‘Made to Stick’ reminded me of ‘Sticky Fingers’ because of the 3D effect on both. You probably have to be thirtysomething (or older) to know this so as a reminder for the others, the ‘Sticky Fingers’ vinyl album actually had a real zipper on the front (designed by Warhol). The duct tape on ‘Made to Stick’ is not real (nor is the cover designed by Warhol) but the effect is definitely there.

It’s just a curiosity as I told before, most important, both the album & the book are rocking! Seems like Boing Boing likes the cover of the book as well by the way.

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  1. Designate says:

    Both are definitely interesting design-wise. Looking forward to read your review on the book.

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