Overtaking myself

I’m pretty sure that before the week is over, this other blog of mine will have passed this one in traffic. The graph you see here is from the last 15 or so weeks, and shows this blog in blue and I Blog Mustang in red. I would never have thought this would happen, believe me.


The Mustang blog is more of a fun side project, on which I post only once a week maybe and with long periodes of no updates at all. But it’s been growing steady almost since day one. There are also a few curious differences between the 2 blogs. See the dip in the blue line for instance? That was a 2 week no-blogging holiday, which clearly impacts this blog but doesn’t change a thing on the other.

Some differences are maybe a bit more obvious, looking at browsers and operating systems for instance. On this blog 57% use IE and 33% use FF versus 73% for IE and 20% for FF on the Mustang blog. And I see 6% using a OSX on the Mustang blog versus 12% here. Windows Vista is around 10% on both.

Last but not least, although traffic is quite similar now, Technorati authority is way different. This blog has around 246 as I write this and the other one’s authority has a mere 10. It’s fine though, I do tend to believe I know something about marketing but I can assure you I know nothing about cars :)

Clearly a different audience on both, still I’m surprised of the growth over the last few weeks. Hopefully that 3rd little project will do the same (or even better). But more on that later.

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  1. Bart says:

    My two cents:

    The ‘blue’ blog shows there are recurrent visitors (they subscribed to your RSS feed). The red blog shows you get traffic from Google. But they’re both growing so the blue blog must get more subscribers and the red one more incoming links?

  2. Bart says:

    Ahh, you should use Feedburner so you can track the number of subscribers and which reader they use.

  3. Kris Hoet says:

    Bart – I think you’re quite right :) The Mustang one gets more traffic from search, and this one has more feedreaders. But I have no details on the RSS subscribers anymore as WordPress.com killed that feature. I have this blog already set up on Feedburner long time ago but decided not to use it as long as I can’t replace my ‘default’ WordPress feed with it. This last option is something I would even pay money for to WordPress as I wrote before, but I’m afraid it’s not going to happen soon.

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