New on mobile

Yesterday I discovered two new (or at least recent) mobile sites that I added to my mobile favorites. The first one is Technorati which shows you what’s hot right now on Technorati and allows you to mobile search which I think can be very useful. The other new mobile favorite is for Twitter. I still don’t really get Twitter, but it still feels the best way to follow it is on mobile and getting all updates as a txt message is not really a good idea. The only remark about the mobile Twitter page is that it should show way more updates on one page, for the moment that is definitely not enough.

I’m hooked up on the mobile web for many months (maybe years) now so it’s good to see that finally mobile use of websites seem to come quicker after the release. When travelling a lot like myself, surfing the mobile web is an ideal way to kill time and my new Samsung Blackjack is a good companion for that :)


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