Customer Experience Management

“Customer Experience Management helps the enterprise see the customer with the “right brain”—concerned with perceptions, feelings and interactions that are harder to quantify but oh so valuable, nonetheless. Instead of just looking at how valuable the customer is to the enterprise, CEM requires an inspection of the enterprise’s value to the customer. Rather than recording transactional information like leads, opportunities and average handle times, as many CRM systems do, CEM maps the experience from the customer point of view.”

Quote from The next generation of Customer Management, where Bob Thompson talks about how CRM is about acquisition and retention and where CEM is more about improving the customer relationship from the customer point of view. Interesting as well is how he devides CRM and CEM into the left and right part of our brain:

CRM – left brain

  • Customer’s value to enterprise
  • Systems and transactions
  • Functional value

CEM – right brain

  • Enterprise’s value to customer
  • People and interactions
  • Emotional value

Definitely worth to check out your own customer management programs to see if the balance between both elements is right. I will :-)


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