Global audience

I couldn’t help it, I just had to post this. One of the things that just keep amazing me is how someone like myself, one of the many marketers out there, living in a small country like Belgium, can reach out to people coming out of nearly every single corner on the worldwide map. How readers of this blog got to it could be by following a link, reading the RSS, searching, … it all doesn’t really matter, the global conversation does.

I knew from my Shinystat stats that the audience here comes from about 80 countries, but looking at the recently added ClustrMaps you get a visual representation of that fact… and as always an image says more than a thousand words. ClustrMapss was added exactly one month ago and this is what you get:


And this really is one of the aspects about blogging that just keep amazing me.


  1. Wow.. amazing. I have yet to read your blog.. I came across you while tag surfing, and the ClustrMap is really neat!

  2. @Michael: Thanks for reading my blog & commenting!

    @VaryingDegrees..: Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it. ClustrMap is indeed pretty neat, you should add it to your own… who knows where your audience is coming from.

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