About marketing media in Belgium (Cont’d)

Last week I mentioned the Belgian agency blogs as well as blogs from agency individuals. I was quite sure I didn’t capture all blogs, so thanks to everyone for commenting or emailing me with some ones I didn’t now yet. Subscribed.

Agencies (cont’d):

Individuals at agencies (cont’d):

Enjoy reading.

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  1. Bruno says:

    Some more marketing sites :

    ANTENNOBLOG – http://antenno.typepad.com/antennoblog/
    Context – http://context.typepad.com/context/
    DigiMedia Headlines – http://www.digimedia.be
    i-Nexus — Random Thoughts In Motion – http://www.i-nexus.net/blog/
    Marketing Consultancy – http://www.marketingconsultancy.be/
    Marketing.Interactive – http://www.marketinginteractive.be
    MarketingBlog.eu – http://marketing.theblog.net/marketingblog
    Netmagic : modern e-marketing – http://www.netmagic.be
    Web Design, e-Marketing – http://www.globulebleu.com/globlog/index.php/
    Saatchi & Saatchi Brussel – http://saatchibrussels.typepad.com/
    Marc Michils, Saatchi & Saatchi Brussel – http://marcmichils.typepad.com/

  2. Steven says:

    Bit of self promotion:
    Minor Issues: http://www.minorissues.be/blog/

    My blog, and I’m working for These Days. We have some more bloggers around. Do you care for a complete inventory? Maybe a good idea to collect the whole scene on a single page, with sort of an opt-in option .. and an OPML file to download.
    I don’t know what colleagues are willing to share their blog. By pointing them to an inventory they can decide for themselves.

  3. Kris Hoet says:

    Hey Steven, a bit of self promotion is fine ;-)

    It looks indeed like there are more agency people blogging than I was aware of. Which is great and I will spend some more time on it so I can hopefully share a complete OPML sometime soon. Good suggestion by the way.

  4. JP from Digimedia is going to create a list of Belgian marketing & advertising blogs as well, with the same differentiator: company (agency) or individual blog.

    See http://www.digimedia.be/blogdetail.asp?Id=324 for details.

    Little point in doing this twice on 2 separate locations, so I suggest working together?

  5. Kris Hoet says:

    Connect with JP – done ;-) Thanks for the heads up Robin.

  6. I can confirm :-)
    Give us a few more days (serious deadline-issues for a customer this week) and we’ll get back to you on Digimedia with a simple form and an invitation to submit your blog. Why? For fun, as a service and to drive traffic to all these fine blogs…

  7. cmaerten says:

    Thanks Kris for mentionning new Rolling Talks!

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