What the customer really needed…

I know it’s a classic but when I spotted this today at Be.Interactive I just knew I had to share this here as well. Enjoy this classic cartoon.




  1. Gavin Heaton says:

    I used to keep it on my wall at work so that my team could see it. They would all laugh and tell me how old it was. Then I would remind them that the problems still persist and apply to us all. I think if they really had absorbed the messages they could have done me out of a job!

  2. I had not seen it — new to me! Good one.

  3. spacemonkey82 says:

    that’s very nice and hilarious.

    I have to print it out and give it to the people at the bank I work at.

  4. sandijeffery says:

    I too have seen this before.. very appropriate for my type of business(real estate) or any business for that matter. It is very snowy and blowy in Mid MIchigan today. Good for winter sports… bad for drivers… very slippery. Lots of cars parked in the median in unscheduled stops. Tow trucks are busy today!

  5. C.L. Mareydt says:

    too bad … but when you really consider this it is not funny at all …
    i have been at both ends of this cartoon … plus stuck in the middle.
    & yes, i do have a sense of humor.

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