The pigeon viral

Just a few minutes ago I saw this ad on television for ‘de gouden gids‘ (yellow pages) that is very similar to the viral we did with AKQA London a couple of months ago for the Communication Evolved campaign. I don’t know who the agency is of ‘de gouden gids’ but take a look and let me know what you think.

Gouden Gids ‘Pigeon’ ad:

Windows Live Messenger ‘Pigeon’ ad:

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  1. I also saw this ad yesterday and had exactly the same deja vu feeling :)

    Shame on the agency

  2. Indeed, since mid January 2007, the Promedia agency is Bananas.

    I never saw the Microsoft Pigeon Commercial of Microsoft, but have you seen the latest campaign of Toerisme Vlaanderen which is a copy of the Gouden Gids creative platform?

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