Advertising for the color-blind

Recently, the MIT Advertising Lab wrote some posts about advertising for the color-blind. Since I’m color-blind myself, I have a special interest for this topic. First of all, the question raised whether advertisers are testing their ads to be accessible for people with color vision defficiency as apparently 8% of all caucasian males are color-blind so that’s probably more than you think. I don’t think advertisers take this in mind at all, I’m an advertisers myself – and color-blind as I said earlier – and I have never considered this either.

There are some interesting online ressources though on usability and web design that relate to color-blindness and there’s even a site where you can see how color-blind people see your ad. Quite an interesting test I must say, especially for myself :-)

And of course, if you would never have done the test to find out if you are color-blind yourself, here are some tests (here & here) that will let you find out easily.


Maybe the above example is a good idea of how you can make your ad work for the color-blind, but then you will have to learn your customers the CMYK code ;-)

[Via MIT Advertising Lab | AdArena]



  1. May I suggest this Accessibility toolbar for thoose designing websites, it’s really useful as it will let you see what your site might look like to people with all kind of eye sight problems:

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Thanks Darren, I’ll give that a one a try.

  3. Peter Jones says:

    check out eyePilot, a set of tools for color blind computer users.

    there’s a 30 day free trial at

  4. I am looking to engage the talents of a color-blind designer to design an ad that color-blind people read one thing, and non color-blind people read another thing. thank you

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