Advertising for the color-blind

Recently, the MIT Advertising Lab wrote some posts about advertising for the color-blind. Since I’m color-blind myself, I have a special interest for this topic. First of all, the question raised whether advertisers are testing their ads to be accessible for people with color vision defficiency as apparently 8% of all caucasian males are color-blind so that’s probably more than you think. I don’t think advertisers take this in mind at all, I’m an advertisers myself – and color-blind as I said earlier – and I have never considered this either.

There are some interesting online ressources though on usability and web design that relate to color-blindness and there’s even a site where you can see how color-blind people see your ad. Quite an interesting test I must say, especially for myself :-)

And of course, if you would never have done the test to find out if you are color-blind yourself, here are some tests (here & here) that will let you find out easily.


Maybe the above example is a good idea of how you can make your ad work for the color-blind, but then you will have to learn your customers the CMYK code ;-)

[Via MIT Advertising Lab | AdArena]


  1. I am looking to engage the talents of a color-blind designer to design an ad that color-blind people read one thing, and non color-blind people read another thing. thank you

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