Windows Live session London

Last week I had the opportunity to join the Windows Live session in London. I was in London since the beginning of the week for some internal meetings and I chose to stick around for an extra evening to join this session and to meet with some of the bloggers that were invited. Last but not least, I had invited Miel to this session and I had promised we would go for a drink in the Light Bar after the session if that was possible.

It was good to meet Phil & Kevin again, as it was interesting to see Koji Kato do his stuff, since I hadn't seen him before either. I also enjoyed meeting some of the bloggers that were over there like Simon, nice to get to know you. Thanks also to Kevin for introducing me to Chris from Liveside and Miel for introducing me to Pieter from Good talking to you guys. And yes, finally we did end up in the Light Bar with Pieter and Miel for the promised cocktail which we all enjoyed a lot. Sadly I needed to get up at 5.00 AM the next morning to catch a flight to Madrid, otherwise we could have stayed a bit longer…

This is an overview of the postings about the session:

Some pictures – thanks to Romain from Heaven – to be found at Flickr.



  1. Hey Kris, Nice to see a post from you about the session!

    P.S. Thanks for the link.

  2. Romain says:

    We must have missed each other
    Hope we’ll see you soon!

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