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A friend’s birthday

It seems to be quite appropriate that the 2nd anniversary of the Blue Monster coincides with Steve Clayton’s birthday as Steve has been crucial  in getting the Blue Monster where it is today. Hugh Macleod […]

Personality matters

Last April in NY during the Blogger Social, we all received a bunch of goodies, most of it small promotional items, but also some marketing related books. One of those books was ‘Personality not included’ […]

One by One

“Done, done; on the next oneDone, I’m done; I’m on to the next one”– One by One, Foo Fighters It’s hard to believe that yet another year has passed. It just seems like only a […]

links for 2007-10-30

Dell: A Social Media Rags-to-Riches Story – The Viral Garden “Dell provides possibly the best case study of how a company has successfully integrated social media into its marketing communications, and culture. What makes the […]

links for 2007-07-10

gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”: the virus spreads… MSFT’s Steve Clayton on the Blue Monster: “This is about Microsoft on our terms – open to all and owned by the world. […]

Tech marketing

The problem with being in tech marketing… according to Hugh MacLeod. You got to love this man and his cartoons. Good stuff Hugh. (c) Gapingvoid Technorati tags: tech, marketing, technology, gapingvoid, hugh macleod, cartoon, microsoft, […]