Just found out about this interesting new service. You can create your own RSS feed, without the need of having your own website or blog. The coolest thing is that you can feed the RSS […]

RSS Readers

I’m struggling a bit with RSS these days. I have tried several RSS readers, but still haven’t found the reader that does the job like I want it to. The reader that did the best […]


Almost 1 full week since my last post, about 40 sites/articles on my scratchpad that I need to blog about and a headache from yesterday’s party… But I’m back – at least I hope I […]

What I need from CES:

Technology, gadgets, new media, … have always interested me a lot, and so I follow up a bit on CES. With RSS in from some good gadget related blogs like engadget, gizmodo that update on an hour-to-hour basis that’s not too difficult. Also […]

Human Clock

I just discovered this website. As an actual clock it’s not so useful, but the idea of showing a new photo every minute, showing the actual time is pretty nice. Ofcourse you’ll close it after […]

AJAX Translator

This AJAX translator is a good proof of the point made on the technology focus of Web 2.0 and not the user focus. Is this translator better than let’s say Altavista’s Babel Fish? No, the […]