‘Cross the Bahama Breeze

I’m on my way to Orlando while I’m writing this. To kill time a bit during the flight – we already had a one hour delay before taking off in Brussels – I was going through some of my travel information and it seems there’s a bar in Orlando called the ‘Bahama Breeze’. That was just too good, so I think I’ll go ‘Cross the Bahama Breeze tomorrow night. Seems like a fine idea to me

Anyway, blogging was already slow lately but this week it will be really tough to find time to write anything at all. So bare with me for a couple of days, I hope I can do some writing again when flying the long way home.

Update: and don’t fly with Delta Airlines, I’ll spare you the details.

On the road again…

Well, not actually. I was supposed to go to London again for some meetings in our UK office so I left Antwerp this morning at 7.25 … and 20 minutes later I was already back on the ground. A pigeon (or whatever) flew in one of the engines of the plane and it had to come back. Now the good thing about the Antwerp airport is that you only need to check in 15 minutes before take off, but whenever it goes wrong like it did today, you just have bad luck. They only could arrange for another plane by 11.00 or so, which I was not going to wait for so I’m back in Brussels. Too bad, but hey, shit happens.

Your own tropical island!

While I had something in mind like I wrote about earlier, it is in fact something totally different. Since the real island is not really covered by my budget this interested me until I saw the price: 8.280 USD, are you kidding me! And that’s not even counting the cost to create the big sea-side picture in the back, wonder what Pietel or Ine would charge me for that :-)


[Via Gizmodo]


GigaOM points out that Boeing is rethinking it's in-flight WiFi internet access service because it's inprofitable. Now that would be bad news. I enjoy Connexion – that's how the service is called – very much whenever I fly to the US with SAS. I can't sleep on a plane and the movies on the flight get boring quite fast so the in-flight WiFi was one of the best things to kill the time. I hope they keep it, even if they make it a bit more expensive.

Pecha Kucha

Last wednesday I had two options. Or go to the Cyber Lions or to a thing called 'Pecha Kucha'. The first one being the award ceremony of the business I'm working in, the second one being the Wunderman/WPP event. I had accepted both before I found out they were at exactly the same time. Eventually I ended up going to the Cyber Lions because it's our business.

After reading the article on AdAge about the Pecha Kucha event I feel like I might have taken the wrong decision. The Cyber Lions were not bad, but I didn't think of them as extremely exciting either. Good thing WPP's Martin Sorrell's presentation is available as a video stream at AdAge so I can still enjoy his show-stopping performance (dixit AdAge). Take a look!

Windows Live session London

Last week I had the opportunity to join the Windows Live session in London. I was in London since the beginning of the week for some internal meetings and I chose to stick around for an extra evening to join this session and to meet with some of the bloggers that were invited. Last but not least, I had invited Miel to this session and I had promised we would go for a drink in the Light Bar after the session if that was possible.

It was good to meet Phil & Kevin again, as it was interesting to see Koji Kato do his stuff, since I hadn't seen him before either. I also enjoyed meeting some of the bloggers that were over there like Simon, nice to get to know you. Thanks also to Kevin for introducing me to Chris from Liveside and Miel for introducing me to Pieter from Mess.be. Good talking to you guys. And yes, finally we did end up in the Light Bar with Pieter and Miel for the promised cocktail which we all enjoyed a lot. Sadly I needed to get up at 5.00 AM the next morning to catch a flight to Madrid, otherwise we could have stayed a bit longer…

This is an overview of the postings about the session:

Some pictures – thanks to Romain from Heaven – to be found at Flickr.

Back on the blog

Whoosh, it's been a while since I was last able to write something for my blog. The last couple of days where really busy. I hope that I'll get some time to catch up now and during the weekend because after that we're off again.

Good news, last week Beatrice De Mahieu started at MSN Belgium to take up my old position, which means I can really start focussing on my new role. We already went to London together for some meetings, and I stayed a bit longer so I could attend the Windows Live session over there. But more about that later…

The day after I went directly to Madrid to meet with our colleagues up there, and watching the Champions League final together at night before flying back to Belgium on Thursday. Yesterday after arriving at the office, we met up with the guys from O'Neill whith whom we're partering during summer which was nice. And now we're back on the blog…

Back in the USSR

picture00050.jpgFifteen years after my first visit to Russia I returned to Moscow last week. Back then it was for pleasure, this time it was for business. And clearly not only the reason why has changed, also the city of Moscow itself has changed a whole lot. In Moscow they are really picking up the pace and as usual, when markets start picking up, they do it fast and skip a few stages compared to the track Western countries followed. When seeing only Volga, Lada, … in the early nineties, you still see those cars driving around, but now mixed with Mercedes, Volkswagen, Ford, … and even Porsches Cayenne and other fancy luxury cars.

Especially for advertising Moscow seems a pretty interesting city. Somebody said that in London typically everybody receives 4.000 advertising messages a day, while in Moscow they are already at 3.000. Also Moscow could as well be known as "billboard city" while there are 24.000 billboards in the city. I don't know how this compares to other cities in statistics, but just by driving through the city you instantly see the city is covered by billboards. You wonder whether the medium still works this way…

I hope I get a bit more time for sightseeing next time so… to be continued. Thanks for the warm welcome Seva.