Just a perfect day

Dixit Lou Reed. I’m on my flight to Orlando right now after having spent 1 1/2 fantastic days in NYC. Tuesday was the only full day I was in the city and this was the day that we had arranged to meet up with Mark Goren and CK. Mark would meet me around noon by the hotel and CK was going to join us by 5PM. And the weather in New York was brilliant. I had checked on it before getting there and that didn’t look promising, and on my way out to La Guardia this morning it was just stormy. But on Tuesday the weather was incredible.

After Mark and I had lunch in the Hudson hotel where I stayed, we took off to Times Square. I had been to 5th Avenue in the morning to do some shopping, and did a bit of a walk in Central Park as well and now I wanted to see Times Square, which was also where we were going to meet up with CK. She showed us some more of the city and then we decided to go on ‘Top of the Rock‘ (good idea Mark) to see the city in all it’s beauty from above. We spent quite some time there looking at the view and discussing stuff, but it was really there that you see how fascinating this city is.


After that we had dinner in an Italian place and I felt quite lucky to see David Reich drop by to say hello as well. All in all, this has been everything I hoped it would be, meeting face to face with people you met online. Thinking about Greg Verdino‘s chapter in the Age of Conversation – I hugged a few bloggers yesterday and it was great. But hey, you’ll have to buy the book to know what I’m talking about here ;)


Here’s (from left to right): myself, CK, Mark Goren and David Reich with a soft cover copy of the Age of Conversation.

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Huge & Tiny. This must be New York

This was my first thought after I spent a few hours in NYC on Monday. No discussion that the city is big, no it’s huge. The skyscrapers, Central Park, amount of people living in Brooklyn, … it’s all pretty big. But looking down from Rockefeller Center, you see these appartment and office building with ‘only’ 20-30 floors… in Manhattan, that’s like nothing. And talking about small, my room in the Hudson hotel fits in the bathroom of the London hotel I was last week.


On Monday night I went out for dinner and drinks with Kevin Slavin, who runs a pretty exciting company called Area/Code. We met in Paris at LeWeb3 last year, but coming to NY was a good opportunity to meet up again. We had a good night out at a place called Frankies 17 and it was good catching up. Good luck with the business! Remember what I told you on Live Search for Mobile ;)

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If pigeons are ‘rats with wings’ then …

If pigeons are “rats with wings,” then cab drivers are “pigeons with cars.”
– Andy Nulman

Today I saw this truly great post from Andy Nulman at his blog Pow!Right between the eyes and it just made me smile, this really is very recognizable. If you’re a traveler such as myself or apparently Andy, then you probably take a lot of cabs as well to get around. And just like he writes, they are ‘superhuman’. Read on here.

Looking back at MIX07

I’m currently flying the last hour of a 24-hour trip back from Vegas, and believe me when I say that I’ll be happy to be home. MIX07 has been worth it though, I enjoyed the great demos as much as anyone else and you could just feel the Silverlight buzz hanging around.  I also know what I have got to do the next few days, and that is watching the videos from the breakouts that I couldn’t go to. Most of the videos were already online on http://sessions.visitmix.com right after the sessions, great job from people like Joshua Allen and Jeff Sandquist’s team on the MIX website on the whole by the way!

Apart from the sessions about Expression Studio, Silverlight and a whole bunch of new Windows Live API’s we had a great free time as well in Vegas. You already read about the baseball, which was good fun, but also the official MIX party at Pure (Ceasar’s Palace) and and the European party at Revolution (Mirage) were pretty cool. I also did bet few dollars on the slot machine and it must have been my lucky day because $5 turned into $150. Last but not least, as part of the European delegation I also received a Samsung Blackjack. Exactly what I wanted, as you can read in a post I wrote many months ago plus it seemed like the perfect place to give a phone with that name.

So, MIX was good. I’ll do another follow up post next week highlighting the must see sessions of MIX, but first I want to head home (quickly post this) and take a nap. I can use the energy for a little rant I want to write about  getting selected in the US… You’ll see ;)

Baseball & Silverlight

Today I’ve actually got some time to blog using my pc. The last few posts where via mobile, using the great http://m.wordpress.com page, but it doesn’t allow you to link easily to other posts nor to include images, hence the lightweight posts.

Baseball funny enough was a bit of a theme for the start at MIX07. One of the most exciting demos during the keynote on Monday was about the MLB that also included a preview of what you can expect from Silverlight mobile once that will be released in beta I think during summer. More on Silverlight later but here are a few interesting links already: official Silverlight site & Tim Sneath’s blog.

The second link with baseball was the activity we did with a few people from Europe at the Sports center on Sunday. Since Bert decided to expose me on his blog (but look at that hit), I can only return the favor here ;)


Europe’s most stylish city

… and it’s not Paris or Milan. I admit this has not much to do with the online marketing nor Windows Live, the stuff you mostly read about on this blog, but I had to write about this. Condé Nast Traveller, one of the most important travel magazines in the US and UK announces Europe’s most stylish city in it’s May issue and … it is Antwerp ladies and gentlemen.

Now for all of us living in Antwerp this is not really a surprise, but it’s good to see the world recognizes that as well :) If anybody has a copy of the 6-pages article, let me know where I can find it. Remember that you can get a good look at Antwerp using the Bird Eye feature on Live Maps, but you’ll have to come over to experience it.

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Nobody moves! This must be Rome

So you arrive in Rome, trying to grab a taxi at the airport. There’s like 50 people waiting (I’m luckily up front) and there’s a whole long line of taxis waiting as well but … nothing moves, this must be Rome. The taxi drivers are basically having a discussion about some of them are slowing down the line – sigh. The taxi driver did win back all lost time during the mad ride to town so I guess that made up for it ;)

I must say I had forgotten how beautiful Rome was. It has been years since I last came to Rome, I should come back soon to actually see some of it (apart from looking out a taxi window).

On the return same problem. Again nobody moved, but that was due to a strike at the Brussels Airport this time. My flight back was canceled earlier today, so I quickly decided to book a ticket on a flight to Amsterdam before everyone going to Brussels figured out there was no chance that was going to happen today. I guess that’s also one of the advantages of corporate travel, I genuinely felt sorry for all these families with young kids that are clearly not used to flying that much and that were stuck on the airport with no way to go. I hope they (got) get home alright.

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