New from Microsoft: Tafiti

Today Microsoft launched Tafiti, a new demo/experiment showing in a cool way what you can do combining Live Search with Silverlight. I hear you thinking: not another search, or Microsoft, huh!, … but I think you should take a look at it. Tafiti, which means ‘do research’ in Swahili apparently, allows you to search theContinue reading “New from Microsoft: Tafiti”

For a better presentation

Powerpoint, Keynote, … as I said before I don’t think of these at the reason for a good or bad presentation. This was also the reason why I didn’t see the purpose of Slideshare’s World’s Best Presentation Contest. This week I found something that is valuable information for creating better presentations. “According to most studies,Continue reading “For a better presentation”

Modern data visualization

I don’t remember how I came across this post of ‘Data visualisation: modern approaches‘ on Smashing Magazine, but it describes some pretty cool stuff. It gives an overview of some utterly fascinating ways to visualize data, something you definitely have to go see for yourself. Some of them could be art. One of my favoritesContinue reading “Modern data visualization”

The emotion of customer experience

At MIX07 in Vegas (in April) there were few presentations that didn’t have a sort of web-technical angle on things. There were a few, but one was quite outstanding and in on my list to write about since then. The presentation I’m talking about is ‘The emotion of customer experience‘ by Lou Carbone. Lou talksContinue reading “The emotion of customer experience”