La Scuderia

Just before I was about to close my PC, I quickly checked my RSS feeds for a last time and well what do you know, … Schumacher has just been punished for his mistake during qualifying at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix. Man, that's just bad news! So much for a great Grand Prix tomorrow…



This weekend the racing season kicked off again. The Rallye of Monte Carlo is classically the first race of the World Rallye Chamionship, and within a few weeks also the F1, DTM, … will start. Although I think the WRC is not going to be so interesting this year.  With 4 major car manufacturers out of the game (like the PSA group) it’s becoming more and more of a private teams event and that’s not the way to go. Probably when the F1 season starts of in 2 months, the racing season will become interesting. There you see all private teams have been sold (Sauber to BMW, Mindardi to RedBull, …) and they’ve changed back some of last year’s rules that didn’t really work. One minor element to it is the fact that Francorchamps will probably not stay on the calendar for 2006 due to some organisational issues, and will only be back on the map in 2007. That’s bad. Not only is it the most beautiful track in the world, it’s the one closest to me so that’s were I usually go see. Well then maybe I’ll just need to wait for TOCA/DTM Race Driver 3 for my Xbox and race Francorchamps myself. Anyway, looking forward to some great racing this year, watching or playing.