Check out Alfa Romeo’s MiToManiacs

Last week we launched a new campaign for Alfa Romeo: MiToManiacs as part of the Alfa MiTo launch. MiToManiacs is a nonstop race that will take you from site to site via banners. The best and fastest banner-racer will actually win a real Alfa MiTo.

And like all good games, there are some shortcuts built in. Depending on the co-driver you chose, you can unlock some shortcuts. I’ll give you one, in the scene above you can actually follow a different way to avoid being annoyed by the octopus.

Game on! I’ll tell you, you will need some practice and find those shortcuts if you want to get into the top 10.

Thanks to the people from for the collaboration on this one.


Life Cycles Film

Here’s the trailer of the HD movie Life Cycles. Beautiful! Makes me want to go out there right now – luckily for me the mountainbike season is about to start.

Talking about the new mountainbike season. If there are other mountainbike enthusiasts out there that work in marketing/advertising then you should consider joining the Mud Men aka Mad Men ridin’ the mud.

Also makes me want a new bike btw. Nobody doing blog seeding for mountainbikes? :)

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Ferrari is launching the new Ferrari GT in a few days. Now this is not something I would follow normally, but the teaser campaign site is interesting. Simple but pretty execution where Ferrari for once uses it’s typical engine sound to promote one of their cars.


Well I liked it, still short of cash to buy one though.


A bit more than 3 weeks to go to Blogger Social in NYC, a unique gathering of mainly (but not only) marketing & advertising bloggers from across the globe. With just over 80 attendees and a fun agenda of events this is really something a lot of us are looking forward to for many months.

There’s one downside to it though, and that is that it takes place the exact same weekend as the Tour of Flanders, the classic of all classics in road cycle racing if you ask me. The race, first organized in 1913, is an experience of its own and (trust me) appeals to everyone who is up for a heroic day of sports. With many steep hills, often paved with cobblestones over a distance of approx. 260 kilometers… it sure isn’t just a race like any other.

I’ve watched the race on television for as long as I can remember, most of the time with a bunch of friends, and for the last few years we’ve been going to the ‘Muur van Geraardsbergen’ (or ‘wall’ of Geraardsbergen) to watch it live, courtesy of Lotto. With several thousands of people at the key positions of the race and close to a million people over the whole length, the ambiance is incredible.

Ronde 13  IMAGE_030

So not this year, and the Social will rock for sure, but a part in my heart will miss this raceday a lot. I’m sure Tim ‘Masiguy’ Jackson understands ;)

Here’s a great ad from Het Nieuwsblad (newspaper) for their upcoming coverage of the Tour of Flanders.

Where boys become men

Ask a (European) race driver for it’s favorite corner and chances are quite big he (or she) will say: ‘Eau Rouge‘. This corner, in the Ardennes is named after the little river that runs under it and is colored slightly red: ‘Eau Rouge’ or ‘Red Water’ if you would translate it literally but it sounds less sexy that way. The corner is part of the circuit of Francorchamps, and it is the greates corner on one of the most beautiful race tracks ever made. It could just use some marketing.


Isn’t it weird that Francorchamps struggles to sell enough tickets to get break-even? It’s one of the longest (if not the longest) tracks in F1 so plenty of seating around it. It’s loved by most F1 drivers who think it’s the most exciting track to race on. It’s in the center of Europe so close by for German, French, Dutch, English and other European fans. Looking at all these aspects, it can’t be that not having a Belgian F1 driver is the reason. It’s got to be marketing.

A circuit like Francorchamps needs to have about 100.000 people visiting on the whole weekend (so not just on Sunday at the race). There were almost so many people on the Renault Days in Zolder, without all the star element to it of F1. So how did they make that work then? It’s definitely cheaper but they did a good job on marketing for the event.

It’ll be curious to see how the event goes this year. With Hamilton in such a good shape there’s a whole potential group of fans from the UK for whom this GP is the closest to home apart from Silverstone. And hopefully the organisers up their marketing efforts a bit.

Thanks to GPUpdate for the title (dutch).

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When reality looks like a game

This is kind of funny. Most of the time we’ll see references on how realistic games can be. Remember these screenshots of racing cars where it’s very tough to say which is actually in game footage and which isn’t.

In this case, it’s the other way around. Today I noticed this image on a blog called Asfaltkonijn (don’t ask me to translate that). West of Antwerp (linkeroever) there is an abandoned school with a (crashed?) jetfighter on the playground. In itself this is already a pretty weird thing and if you want to see what that looks like, check it out on this map.

Yesterday these guys went to check it out and Tupid made some amazing images in colour and black&white of this jet, and looking at these you can only confirm that it might just have been a scene in some type of shooter game, but I can assure you it’s very real. Really cool pics Tupid, subscribed!

FU-36_CL (0)
(Courtesy of Tupid)

If pigeons are ‘rats with wings’ then …

If pigeons are “rats with wings,” then cab drivers are “pigeons with cars.”
– Andy Nulman

Today I saw this truly great post from Andy Nulman at his blog Pow!Right between the eyes and it just made me smile, this really is very recognizable. If you’re a traveler such as myself or apparently Andy, then you probably take a lot of cabs as well to get around. And just like he writes, they are ‘superhuman’. Read on here.