Check out Alfa Romeo’s MiToManiacs

Last week we launched a new campaign for Alfa Romeo: MiToManiacs as part of the Alfa MiTo launch. MiToManiacs is a nonstop race that will take you from site to site via banners. The best and fastest banner-racer will actually win a real Alfa MiTo. And like all good games, there are some shortcuts builtContinue reading “Check out Alfa Romeo’s MiToManiacs”

Life Cycles Film

Here’s the trailer of the HD movie Life Cycles. Beautiful! Makes me want to go out there right now – luckily for me the mountainbike season is about to start. Talking about the new mountainbike season. If there are other mountainbike enthusiasts out there that work in marketing/advertising then you should consider joining the MudContinue reading “Life Cycles Film”


Ferrari is launching the new Ferrari GT in a few days. Now this is not something I would follow normally, but the teaser campaign site is interesting. Simple but pretty execution where Ferrari for once uses it’s typical engine sound to promote one of their cars. Well I liked it, still short of cash toContinue reading “Soundbites”


A bit more than 3 weeks to go to Blogger Social in NYC, a unique gathering of mainly (but not only) marketing & advertising bloggers from across the globe. With just over 80 attendees and a fun agenda of events this is really something a lot of us are looking forward to for many months.Continue reading “Flanders”

Where boys become men

Ask a (European) race driver for it’s favorite corner and chances are quite big he (or she) will say: ‘Eau Rouge‘. This corner, in the Ardennes is named after the little river that runs under it and is colored slightly red: ‘Eau Rouge’ or ‘Red Water’ if you would translate it literally but it soundsContinue reading “Where boys become men”

When reality looks like a game

This is kind of funny. Most of the time we’ll see references on how realistic games can be. Remember these screenshots of racing cars where it’s very tough to say which is actually in game footage and which isn’t. In this case, it’s the other way around. Today I noticed this image on a blog calledContinue reading “When reality looks like a game”

If pigeons are ‘rats with wings’ then …

If pigeons are “rats with wings,” then cab drivers are “pigeons with cars.” – Andy Nulman Today I saw this truly great post from Andy Nulman at his blog Pow!Right between the eyes and it just made me smile, this really is very recognizable. If you’re a traveler such as myself or apparently Andy, thenContinue reading “If pigeons are ‘rats with wings’ then …”