The worst of Advertising?

In online advertising we see an evolution where are getting more and more targetted if possible, and less intrusive. Think about AdWords from Google, or compare how ad-clean Windows Live Mail is looking versus the classic Hotmail screen,… All signs of less ads and more related to what you’re interested in whenever that’s possible. InContinue reading “The worst of Advertising?”

Customer Experience Management

“Customer Experience Management helps the enterprise see the customer with the “right brain”—concerned with perceptions, feelings and interactions that are harder to quantify but oh so valuable, nonetheless. Instead of just looking at how valuable the customer is to the enterprise, CEM requires an inspection of the enterprise’s value to the customer. Rather than recordingContinue reading “Customer Experience Management”

Math is …

“Math is kryptonite for creatives” Quote from “bubble math doesn’t add up”. This post from Brandflakes for Breakfast points to the fact that the BusinessWeek story on Digg is of poor quality, but they let the others do the math to explain it :-) Read explanation at Signal vs. Noise.

Where passion begins

I was pretty amused when reading this post from my colleague Kevin: 'passion starts with two simple words'. It was so recognisable, especially after a meeting I had earlier today where about building passion for brands. In this conversation some talked about how passion starts with end user satisfaction, building great products, … Maybe itContinue reading “Where passion begins”

The Art of being Belgian

While I’m reading this book “The Art of being Belgian” there was an interesting piece that made me think of online advertising in Belgium versus the rest of Europe. Let me explain. “The Art of being Belgian” is written by Richard Hill, an Englishman living in Belgium for more than 40 years, about his experiencesContinue reading “The Art of being Belgian”

All marketers are liars

“Successful marketers are just the providers of stories that consumers choose to believe. Marketing is the story marketers tell to consumers, and then maybe, if the marketer has done a good job, the lie consumers tell themselves and their friends. Those stories are no longer reserved for television commercials or junk mail. They are everywhere.”Continue reading “All marketers are liars”