Where passion begins

I was pretty amused when reading this post from my colleague Kevin: 'passion starts with two simple words'. It was so recognisable, especially after a meeting I had earlier today where about building passion for brands. In this conversation some talked about how passion starts with end user satisfaction, building great products, … Maybe it does and yes it's probably part of it but when does this passion come to live, how do you get it? For sure giving great support only won't do the trick. And I think what Kevin is talking about is so much on the point, I also want the "F**king cool!" as a reaction on what we're doing. As a marketer this is indeed the type of reaction I want to get when putting things together, nice thought! Read full post here.


Renaissance superheroes?

wonderwoman.jpgThere were no superheroes during the renaissance period. Why? Apparently there were no supervillains so they were not needed. That would explain the lack of superheroes in fine art. It's time to fix that. Well that is according to Worth1000.com where they are running this Photoshop contest on superheroes. It's a pretty cool idea and some of the results are very good.

The rules of the contest are thus:
Take any piece of fine art and incorporate a superhero (or supervillain), as in the awesome themepost. As always, quality is a must. We'll remove poor entries no matter how much we like you. You'll have 48 hours for this contest, so make your submissions count.

If you like the idea, take a look at the contest website for all entries, it's worth it. I think I like this one most of all, maybe not the most complicated, but I like the simplicity of the image.

The Garden Stick

Miel passed me this garden stick last week, a new blog stick that Randy started. I actually took some pictures of my garden for this the same evening, but only now I did find some time to get them online. You'll see that it's not a really big garden, but you will notice we have a nice view into a closed parc which is just behind our garden and where they keep a strange combination of animals like ducks (not that strange), Ostriches and even a Kangaroo (no kidding). Great for the kids, I can tell you that.

I'll pass on the stick to some of my colleagues, namely Kevin, Tom and David. Hope you guys accept, instructions to be found at Miel's blog.


Back on the blog

Whoosh, it's been a while since I was last able to write something for my blog. The last couple of days where really busy. I hope that I'll get some time to catch up now and during the weekend because after that we're off again.

Good news, last week Beatrice De Mahieu started at MSN Belgium to take up my old position, which means I can really start focussing on my new role. We already went to London together for some meetings, and I stayed a bit longer so I could attend the Windows Live session over there. But more about that later…

The day after I went directly to Madrid to meet with our colleagues up there, and watching the Champions League final together at night before flying back to Belgium on Thursday. Yesterday after arriving at the office, we met up with the guys from O'Neill whith whom we're partering during summer which was nice. And now we're back on the blog…


Well I'll stick around for a while at least, but a couple of posts I wrote just before the weekend are gone, disappeared due to the WordPress issues we experienced the last days. Nothing bad to Matt or anybody else at WordPress, they've been working whole weekend trying to fix things and it seems like it worked for most of the WordPress users.

There was the welcome to Niall Kennedy, happy to have him on board at Microsoft working on Windows Live. I wrote some crap about crap, or better Craprr (kudos to Tom, Miel & Jason) and then I asked myself "Is it just me or is everything shit" which also is the new book I'm reading and that's worth reading, here's a fragment:

Geographically inaccurate racism
At school, pop sensation Darius would get called 'Saddam'. In fact, his father is Iranian – only one letter and one very long war away from accuracy. Radio One Asian DJ Nihal once got sent a charming picture with words 'Go back to India' written on with an arrow pointing to the Indian in the picture. The picture, carefully snipped from a magazine, portrayed a Peruvian Indian.If people do have to be racist, do they also need to be so droolingly braindead that they can't tell which ethnic group they are rabidly insulting? Maybe they should make special racist maps.

If that ain't an idea for a maps mashup :-)

Don’t we all just love great advertising?

ariel.JPGI always really enjoy it while visiting advertising sites like AdHunt, AdFreak, Coloribus and many many more because of all the great advertising you can find at these sites. Most of the time you see the best of the best pop up on other blogs after posting the ad, so normally I don't tend to do so. There were two posts at Coloribus however that I loved so much, I had to write something about it. Both came from Argentina and they were very good. The first one was for Playboy, about ads that were placed in female showers and on beaches, the second one was for Ariel and especially that one was a great case of outdoor advertising. Check them out and if you haven't got Coloribus in your feedlist, add them quickly, they're showing some really nice stuff.