Da Vinci’s codices reunite after 500 years

In the UK the British Library launched Turning the Pages™ 2.0 at the Windows Vista launch event. Bill Gates took the stage with Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive of the British Library, to compare his Leonardo Codex Leicester to the British Library’s Codex Arundel – the codices reunited for the first time in almost 500 years.

“Turning the Pages™ 2.0 is a toolkit that allows libraries and museums to put entire collections of books online in a compelling 3D environment, with a suite of useful tools to aid learning. Developed with the British Library, it is available as a service for institutions and private collectors around the world. It’s a true next-generation web application, taking advantage of the latest web technologies.”

I tried it and opened up ‘The Golf Book’ (Flemish masters in miniature) and was definitely impressed with the experience. There’s some magic to paging such an antique book, fully with audio comments if you want.

For the moment the ‘library’ holds 16 works of art including books like Mercator atlas of Europe, Mozart’s musical diary, Andreas Vesalius’ De Humani Corporis Fabrica, William Blake’s notebook, … I’m also very proud to see that next to the The Golf Book, we have 2 other Flemish present with Mercator and Vesalius.

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For sale: Batmobile

In May last year I wrote about the DeLorean from Back to the Future being for sale. Today Gizmodo reports that 1 of the 4 original Batmobiles is for sale as well. It’s going on auction in London this February, expected to sell for $150.000. Anyone?


[Via Gizmodo]

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Back to del.icio.us

Yesterday I gave up on Newsvine, cleaned up my delicious account and started using it again. You might have noticed in the sidebar of this blog as well that the delicious feed replaces the earlier newsvine feed. I was quite fond of Newsvine right from the start, funny enough exactly one year ago. The reason why I liked Newsvine more than Digg or Delicious was because you could have good conversations about the links you posted. Delicious doesn’t do this (although they do some other cool stuff of course) and the conversations on Digg are of low quality most of the time. So what happened? Lately the interaction on my Newsvine column is dead, no more comments. I hung in there for a while but after talking about it with Tom earlier this week, I made the decision to move back to Delicious. I don’t think the conversation will come back (not sure why it disappeared in the first place) but that means that there’s not much of a reason anymore to keep on using that. It sure ain’t easier. My Delicious feed can be found in the right navigation, here it is if you’re interested: http://del.icio.us/crossthebreeze

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Internet food chain

I wanted to highlight this little fun project from Heaven where you can guess or report acquisitions of internet / technology companies.


The Internet Food Chain
was set up as a small project under the Heaven.fr domain when I first saw it, but they’ve redesigned it and put it on it’s on domain a week or two ago. I still think navigation could be improved and maybe they should add an incentive to reporting/guessing but it’s certainly worth a look. Make your own guess at http://internetfoodchain.com

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Big Brother in Second Life

Well I’m not sure who’s watching you in Second Life, this on is about the tv show Big Brother. Endemol in The Netherlands has opened it’s first Big Brother house in Second Life (NL). The first project they have is a virtual International edition of Big Brother, set to start on December 1st. If you’re interested to take part in this you can subscribe from today in the Big Brother house in Second Life. Every player will have to be online in the house at least 8 hours per 24 hours. Endemol will pick 15 players out of 3 different timezones to play the game and other Second Life users can pick the 3 players that should leave the house each week. Everyone can of course follow the events in the house and watch the players with the challenges they will be given each week. The winner will get his own tropical island in Second Life.

I think it’s interesting to see how this concept is going to Second Life and how many people will be interested to take part if in. To be continued.

[Update] Big Brother in Second Life website (thanks to Coolz0r)

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Virtual Earth goes 3D

Today Microsoft announced the launch of a local search component that will add a 3D element to the maps in http://local.live.com. You need to download the component, but after that you’ll be able to get 3D imagery in your browser (IE only) from 15 cities in the US which will expand soon. The imaging technology used is from Vexcel Corp. which Microsoft acquired earlier.


I also like the idea of advertising in there. VE 3D will come with a functionality developed by Massive (a company Microsoft acquired in May, known for in-game advertising) that will let advertisers buy virtual billboards in the 3D environment. C|Net reports that some advertisers are in a pilot already:

“But Virtual Earth 3D does include fixtures that might not necessarily be visible in the real world: “virtual billboards” float above buildings with advertisements on them as part of a pilot advertising program, said Stephen Lawler, general manager of the Virtual Earth group. For instance, Fox has a virtual billboard hovering above the AMC cinema in downtown San Francisco. Other advertisers are Nissan Motor, Zip Realty and John L. Scott realty.”

Well I’m excited, I hope I find some time the next days to have a look around but I think it looks good. (Disclaimer: I work for Microsoft).

Here’s some more about it, including images:

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Respect! Farewell in style

He didn’t win the race, he didn’t even make it to the podium and the championship was already lost after last race really. But man, what a great race it was. Having to come back from the last place (after a tyre puncture) to the front, Schumacher showed what he’s got in him, even on retirement day. And all this to end eventually come back as far as the 4th spot, passing Raikkonen, Barichello, Fisichella, … in the last rounds. Respect! A farewell in style from a great racer.

Oh, and for next year? Raikkonen is going to win the championship for Ferrari with Honda as the big challenger. You’ll see ;-)

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Happy birthday Mess.be!

What started out as a hobby project talking about MSN/Windows Live Messenger has grown to a huge community in the 5 years that this site exists. Reading on Mess.be that actually over 100 million people have visited the site in that period deserves a lot of respect. Kudos to ‘dwergs’ for creating all this. The next one is on me, Light Bar sounds ok to you? ;-)

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