Moving on…

… to a new role at Microsoft. During my 4 years at Microsoft, first as the Belgian Consumer Marketing Manager for MSN and later as the Marcom Lead for MSN and Windows Live in EMEA, I’ve been experimenting with social media. Remember the Windows Live Sessions we did all over Europe (e.g. Brussels, London, …),Continue reading “Moving on…”

Zune 3.0

Ever since I started using the 30G first generation Zune (yes that brown one) I’ve become quite fond of both the device and the software. And now you’ll probably say ‘sure, you work for Microsoft so that explains…’ etc. but I actually bought an iPod first (yes I already worked here). I’ve never been muchContinue reading “Zune 3.0”

Photosynth: it’s here!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve written about Photosynth anymore, but trust me when I say the number of times I wanted to say even more is even bigger. I remember how the first reactions (the oohs and aahs) were quickly followed by questions about the computing power that would be needed toContinue reading “Photosynth: it’s here!”

MIX08 (Part 1)

There’s always one difficult part about going to conferences and blogging and that is that you hear so many interesting things you want to talk about, but no time to do so because you’re paying attention. I do have some time right now though before going to the official MIX party at TAO in aboutContinue reading “MIX08 (Part 1)”

New from Microsoft: Tafiti

Today Microsoft launched Tafiti, a new demo/experiment showing in a cool way what you can do combining Live Search with Silverlight. I hear you thinking: not another search, or Microsoft, huh!, … but I think you should take a look at it. Tafiti, which means ‘do research’ in Swahili apparently, allows you to search theContinue reading “New from Microsoft: Tafiti”

Windows Live Folders

Windows Live Folders is a new Windows Live service (that is only in beta in the US now) which offers password-protected online storage. Since the password projection is done through your LiveID (aka Passport) you have your Hotmail contacts or Live Messenger buddies linked to the service as well. Folders comes in 3 ways: StorageContinue reading “Windows Live Folders”

Age of Conversation: Out Now!

Finally it’s here. Congrats to Drew and Gavin for setting this all up! I’ve written about the project before on a few occasions so I’m not going to bring that all up again, the book is here, so just get it now ;) My fellow countryman Luc ‘Mindblob’ Debaisieux has a good wrap up onContinue reading “Age of Conversation: Out Now!”