Moving on…

… to a new role at Microsoft. During my 4 years at Microsoft, first as the Belgian Consumer Marketing Manager for MSN and later as the Marcom Lead for MSN and Windows Live in EMEA, I’ve been experimenting with social media. Remember the Windows Live Sessions we did all over Europe (e.g. Brussels, London, …),Continue reading “Moving on…”

Business as usual

It seems ages since I last opened up Live Writer last time. This is not because I stopped loving it, but because the blogging rhythm on this blog (and on I Blog Mustang) have been very slow lately. It seems like the only times I get to do some writing lately is when traveling. TheContinue reading “Business as usual”

My mobile life

Sometimes I think I live on mobile. If there’s a device I really couldn’t miss it’s my mobile phone. Ask my wife, if on occasion I don’t take my mobile phone with me, she’ll wonder how it’s possible I forgot it. It’s just too odd for me to be without. According to my mom, it’llContinue reading “My mobile life”

Celebrity Worship Syndrome

I just received this email about a campaign from my Australian colleagues and I thought this one was definitely worth sharing with you. The team at Ninemsn have just relaunched their entertainment channel called The Fix and they did some great marketing to do so. The Australian team hired this British woman below named CamillaContinue reading “Celebrity Worship Syndrome”

Online video advertising

It was no real surprise that this was coming, but it’s still interesting to see how every video service is trying out different kinds of advertising on and around their videos. I honestly expected it to happen earlier as we all know the daily costs for services such as Youtube are quite high and there’sContinue reading “Online video advertising”

Surface not innovative?

While working for Microsoft I’m getting used to the fact that there will always be a good deal of negative comments on everything we do – it’s just how it is. When we postpone our OS it’s a scandal, when the competition does it’s a smart move. When we announce something innovative, someone else hasContinue reading “Surface not innovative?”

Something is about to happen…

First of all there’s I-Merge. This Belgian interactive agency is about to change into it’s new … shape and therefor they launched a teasing campaign to build awareness of this. A lot of us knew that there were big changes to be expected and they could have done the classic PR approach + email toContinue reading “Something is about to happen…”