YouTube marketing

There's an interesting article on USA Today about marketers starting to use YouTube to get there commercials in the community. Partnerships with YouTube like the Scary Movie 4 trailer are getting great results, as well as marketers that aren't officially working with YouTube but just uploading videos on their own like Warner did for its Superman movie. And they're doing the right thing, but whenever you intend to upload your commercial to YouTube, check if it's not on it already. A lot of users are doing the uploading for you. I'm looking forward to do some testing ourselves using YouTube, but with the IE7 commercial and the fake Microsoft iPod packaging video, we already saw some nice results.

[Via Micro Persuasion]



This is just an amazing post you should definitely take a look at. Fosfor Gadgets reports this very cool website that shows 12 images coming from Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring in both HD and DVD quality. Use the mouse over effect to see the difference. As they point out already on Fosfor Gadgets, the difference is amazing, much bigger than also I expected. Truly amazing, check it out fast.

Hollywood Stock Exchange

All the buzz these days about the Google share made me think about the Hollywood Stock Exchange again. HSX exists for already a couple of years and is as far as I know the coolest fake stock game/website that exists. Here it’s all about trading moviestocks, starbonds, movie options and moviefunds. It’s a pitty that I don’t remember the password for my account on HSX I used a few years ago, would love to see what is left of my portfolio. I remember that I made quite some money on Knightrider: The Movie which appears to be still in production. That’s no good, although David Hasselhoff playing Michael Knight is no good either. They added music to the system about 2 years back I think, but it seems that they stopped that part all together and that they’re back full on movies like in the beginning.

If you haven’t heard of it before, find out more at and start up your account. No ajax, no web 2.0, … but a good experience with a strong community around it.


That I hadn’t noticed this before, damn! I’m a true fan of Ricky Gervais since I first saw The Office on BBC and only now I found out that he has his own podcast together with his buddy in crime Stephen Merchant and special guest Karl Pilkinton who they say is ‘the funniest man alive in Britain today’ (which might just be very true). They are already halfway a series of 12, but I can only tell you to sign up for the podcast, as it is hilarious. [Via I-Wisdom]

And just today I stumbled across a real funny video on the internet which was promoted through the new MSN Video carrousel in the Windows Live Messenger beta. It’s a spoof on Apple ads by a guy who loves Mac (see also: sarcasm) as he points out himself. Yes I’ve had my share of laughter today :-).