Huge & Tiny. This must be New York

This was my first thought after I spent a few hours in NYC on Monday. No discussion that the city is big, no it’s huge. The skyscrapers, Central Park, amount of people living in Brooklyn, … it’s all pretty big. But looking down from Rockefeller Center, you see these appartment and office building with ‘only’ 20-30 floors… in Manhattan, that’s like nothing. And talking about small, my room in the Hudson hotel fits in the bathroom of the London hotel I was last week.


On Monday night I went out for dinner and drinks with Kevin Slavin, who runs a pretty exciting company called Area/Code. We met in Paris at LeWeb3 last year, but coming to NY was a good opportunity to meet up again. We had a good night out at a place called Frankies 17 and it was good catching up. Good luck with the business! Remember what I told you on Live Search for Mobile ;)

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Virtual GPS?

… or “it’s for my boss”. These were some of the great quotes out of a little video made by Karl Long, a very good marketing blogger that works at Nokia. I know I’m a little bit behind due to my holidays, but I had to post this one. It think it’s a really smart video (and cheap) that shows everything there is to say to it especially since the video is made with the Nokia N95. Great job Karl!

Read on about the how and why at Karl’s blog. There’s a very good post on the buzz around the iPhone on the Pronet Advertising blog by the way in ‘the importance of marketing and covering in moderation‘.

(disclaimer: I work for Microsoft)

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Windows Live Hotmail launches worldwide

It’s on top of the list at Techmeme this morning, the fact that after many months of development and beta testing, the new version of Hotmail has gone public for everyone worldwide. It’s amazing to see how the service has evolved and grown over the now 10-11 years it exists. With 280M active users of which 20+M have been beta testers of the new version, I guess it’s fair to say that Hotmail still remains one of the most popular webmail services around.


To me it doesn’t seem all that new anymore as I’m on Windows Live Hotmail for many months already, but it has still been an interesting experience to see the service evolve from milestone to milestone, improving speed, features, look&feel, … etc. This has been built from the ground up on a completely new backend and you will see that it doesn’t look at all like the old Hotmail anymore. For now you still have to upgrade to the new version if you want it, but it’s clear that in a couple of months the old Hotmail as we know it will go away completely.

In general people don’t like change and that’s the reason why you’ll get the new Windows Live Hotmail in the classic look when you upgrade from the actual Hotmail. I suggest you change to the new full view in the settings, as the experience will be even better – pretty much like Outlook really. Features I like most: drag&drop, anti-spam and the mobile version of Windows Live Hotmail. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet:


Yesterday I noticed – like many others I guess – that Technorati updated it’s ranking a little bit. We were used to see ‘x number of links from y number of blogs’ but this is no more, instead we have something new: ‘authority’. I first figured that it probably had some fancy new algorithm to measure this, but no, it’s just the number of blogs linking in. So instead of ‘x links by y blogs’ we just get the ‘by y blogs’ feature but it got a fancier name.


A few thoughts on this. First of all I’m not sure if this will make things more transparant, I doubt it. The way it was presented initially was pretty clear, which is not the case anymore. Especially for newcomers I don’t think that will help. My second thought was that this is a missed opportunity for Technorati. By developing a new ‘authority’ feature, they could have done some great work in creating a standard for measuring influence, making their service more important again. Now that regular blogsearch engines like Google Blogsearch, Icerocket and others are closing in that would differentiate them again. But no.

Think about how they could have created a measurement of ‘authority’ using blogs linking in using the second degree as well (so also the blogs linking into the blogs that link to you). How they could use the tagging to even measure ‘authority’ per category, they have frequence and most of the information needed to create a real sence of authority and influence. Too bad they didn’t, as said a missed opportunity for Technorati if you ask me.

I also wonder how much of this was asked for by Technorati’s users? Was this what you and I were waiting for? The mobile feature I wrote about earlier is pretty nice, but apart from that do you remember any update that you were waiting for? I don’t. I do remember I sent them an email once, asking why there was no way to merge 2 url’s together on one profile since they both pointed to the same blog. That is many months ago and I’m still waiting on a reply.

New on mobile

Yesterday I discovered two new (or at least recent) mobile sites that I added to my mobile favorites. The first one is Technorati which shows you what’s hot right now on Technorati and allows you to mobile search which I think can be very useful. The other new mobile favorite is for Twitter. I still don’t really get Twitter, but it still feels the best way to follow it is on mobile and getting all updates as a txt message is not really a good idea. The only remark about the mobile Twitter page is that it should show way more updates on one page, for the moment that is definitely not enough.

I’m hooked up on the mobile web for many months (maybe years) now so it’s good to see that finally mobile use of websites seem to come quicker after the release. When travelling a lot like myself, surfing the mobile web is an ideal way to kill time and my new Samsung Blackjack is a good companion for that :)