Getting ready for MIX08

Within a week we’ll be on our way to Vegas again for the MIX08 conference. I quite enjoyed last year’s MIX conference with the announcements of Silverlight and Expression Studio, but also for presentations such as Lou Carbone’s for instance (who will be back this year by the way). What I like about this year’sContinue reading “Getting ready for MIX08”

The emotion of customer experience

At MIX07 in Vegas (in April) there were few presentations that didn’t have a sort of web-technical angle on things. There were a few, but one was quite outstanding and in on my list to write about since then. The presentation I’m talking about is ‘The emotion of customer experience‘ by Lou Carbone. Lou talksContinue reading “The emotion of customer experience”

Popfly: online mashups for dummies?

Last week Microsoft (my employer) announced a new tool that will allow anyone basically to develop mashups. When I read about it at the Popfly website it says Popfly is about 2 things: Popfly Creator is a set of online visual tools for building Web pages and mashups. Popfly Space is an online community ofContinue reading “Popfly: online mashups for dummies?”

Baseball & Silverlight

Today I’ve actually got some time to blog using my pc. The last few posts where via mobile, using the great page, but it doesn’t allow you to link easily to other posts nor to include images, hence the lightweight posts. Baseball funny enough was a bit of a theme for the start atContinue reading “Baseball & Silverlight”