Nifty Top 10’s

I'm all crazy about hotlists. Whenever I see one of those seemingly interesting top 10's on Digg,, Technorati, Newsvine, … or on one of the blogs I'm reading then I have to go see it…


Last week has been a good week of top 10's too, and since I'm way behind with blogging for the moment I can offer you a bunch of good hotlists. Here you go!

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Hotlist (2)

It has been a long time since I last got into these top 10's but here there are some nice onces again. First of all Guy Kawasaki and his top 10 lies, some of which you also might have read in Seth's book. Another top 10 is about the web. With all these web 2.0 services launched at us one after the other, you wouldn't think there are still that many opportunities left. The truth however proves differently, because most services/applications are more of the same and there are clearly underserved web 2.0 markets, dixit Richard MacManus at Read/Write Web.

PC World reports on the 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time, and you will certainly recognise the pain when you worked with some of those products. Compare with CNet's Top 10 worst products of the last decade and you'll find some interesting similarities. Getting curious to find out what Microsoft Bob was all about… Enough about the past though, the top 10 Strangest Gadgets of the Future might even give you an first view of some of the stuff that will feature on the 'worst product' lists in 10 years.

Share Your OPML

On Sunday, Michael Arrington was one of the many people in my RSS list that wrote about the launch of the 'Share Your OPML' project from Dave Winer. I really like it and I think you should all try it too. Especially the 'Subscriptions Like Mine' is an interesting feature, and I definitely will try out the 'Who Subscribes To…' feature to try and discover cool new RSS feeds for my own OPML. Nice!

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Hollywood Stock Exchange

All the buzz these days about the Google share made me think about the Hollywood Stock Exchange again. HSX exists for already a couple of years and is as far as I know the coolest fake stock game/website that exists. Here it’s all about trading moviestocks, starbonds, movie options and moviefunds. It’s a pitty that I don’t remember the password for my account on HSX I used a few years ago, would love to see what is left of my portfolio. I remember that I made quite some money on Knightrider: The Movie which appears to be still in production. That’s no good, although David Hasselhoff playing Michael Knight is no good either. They added music to the system about 2 years back I think, but it seems that they stopped that part all together and that they’re back full on movies like in the beginning.

If you haven’t heard of it before, find out more at and start up your account. No ajax, no web 2.0, … but a good experience with a strong community around it.

Chuck Norris madness

It’s been going on for quite a while and those people who are used to getting fun stuff sent to them by email, or that read blogs on a regular basis will have seen most of it already. They might even have had it already with the Chuck Norris facts popping up in the blogosphere but I still needed to write about it as I’m still amazed how this has become so big. Chuck Norris facts: a story.

Somewhere in the beginning of December last year – I had just started on WordPress – I noticed a blogpost in my WordPress dashboard that was called “Chuck Norris – The Facts“. It was a list with some funny Chuck Norris facts that had been going around by email for a while apparently. I hadn’t seen it before but thought it was really funny. I had never thought that it would become as big as it did, proof are several postings around the web featuring always more and more facts (More Chuck Norris facts, Chuck Norris can devide by zero, Chuck is the new Hoff (Jaffejuice), … only being a selection of what is there) or a website dedicated to the subject (Chuck Norris facts) and even television appearances of Chuck Norris where he’s asked about the list like this one with Tony Danza being the host.

And yes it’s maybe old news already but I still think it’s pretty funny. And as a marketer I do wonder what the secret is behind this getting so big… if I knew just that, I would certainly use it in my own marketing plan.

“Chuck Norris is currently suing NBC, claiming Law and Order are trademarked names for his left and right legs.”

Joe La Pompe

This website collects since apparently 1999 everything about ‘advertising twins’ as Joe calls it. Ads that are using exactly the same concept as someone else has used before already. Did they really copy the idea or was it just an unlucky coïncidence? You’ll probably never find out, but some ads sure have striking similarities. Some are almost 100% the same. I guess it is difficult to come up with something completely new every time, but then how come someone can find the doubles so easy where it seems to be very difficult to check the ads before they go ‘live’… or is that something agencies just don’t think about. Well for what’s worth, I had fun going through the site and I certainly was amazed of some of the similarities, but I don’t think I would change my agency for it even if it scored high in Joe’s Hit Parade.

The top 10 weirdest USB devices ever

Man, how do they come up with all that stuff? What’s the use? Well at least we had fun reading this. So check it out, this list should present the top 10 weirdest USB devices ever, if you could come up with an even more crazy one… tell me about it. Well here’s the list, if you want to see the images (you should) then click on the link.

  1. The USB vibrator
  2. The eye massager
  3. USB heating gloves
  4. USB flower pot speaker
  5. USB self destruction button
  6. USB massage ball
  7. USB heated slippers
  8. The USB ghost radar
  9. USB air darts
  10. George Foreman USB iGrill

Let the good times roll

With all the sites, blogs, journals, … you come across on the web, it is actually very rare that you stumble on a blog like the one from Guy Kawasaki: Let the good times roll. It’s not just a good post that got you to it, through RSS, but it’s one of those sites were you like reading one post after the other. Especially the top 10’s weren’t disappointing: check out ‘The Art of Recruiting‘, ‘The Art of Execution‘, ‘How to be a Demo God‘, ‘How to kick butt on a Panel‘, ‘The Art of Evangelism‘ and so on and so on. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I did and I hope there’ more to come from this blogger (quote: “blogger. n. someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do”). Let the good times roll Guy!

The Museum of E-Failure

Those were the days. Well not really maybe, but I did have this nostalgic feeling when I took a look at the Museum of E-Failure posted on Ghostsites. When looking quickly at the list, I noticed and remembered especially (with the virtual shopping assistant if I’m not mistaken), (that would guide you to interesting websites within your interests), (of which I’ve written before, and that could have been a genuine web 2.0 experience if it were launched today… and created with AJAX or Ruby as some would say).

Anyway, it’s a really impressive list they’ve come up with. Very nice!

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