LeWeb3 videos

The last video for LeWeb3 have been uploaded and so they’re now all available for your viewing. I’ve already written up a little report of my experience at LeWeb3, here are my highlights in video: Panels: Web2.0: The Dark Side (moderated by Laurent Haug) Bringing social to software: radical change is coming. Are we ready?Continue reading “LeWeb3 videos”

LeWeb3: the day after

Well, 2 days after to be correct. LeWeb3 2007 4th edition (almost sounds like a Microsoft product name) was good, it was very good actually. The location, program, food, networking, … it was all fine. I learned about the sofa2.0, wi-fly, pesos-dollar and much more. These are my impressions… (photo from Loic). Online identity wasContinue reading “LeWeb3: the day after”

Philippe Starck: Why design?

Take a look at this video from TED Talks in which Philippe Starck talks about design, it only makes me look forward even more to next week’s LeWeb3 conference where he will give a presentation about “What is social about design”. The man is mad :) [Via James Cherkoff on Twitter] Technorati Tags: starck, design,Continue reading “Philippe Starck: Why design?”