The emotion of customer experience

At MIX07 in Vegas (in April) there were few presentations that didn’t have a sort of web-technical angle on things. There were a few, but one was quite outstanding and in on my list to write about since then. The presentation I’m talking about is ‘The emotion of customer experience‘ by Lou Carbone.

Lou talks about customer experience management, logic versus emotion, the brandcanyon, etc…

“Understand how successful businesses find and manage experience “clues” and differentiate between brand management and experience management. Learn how to make the dynamic shift from making-and-selling to sensing-and-responding.”

It’s very interesting to hear about how to create emotion, that creates an attude which will make people behave a certain way. And as Lou also quotes, you cannot NOT have an experience. He also points out to the interesting fact that we (companies) to a lot of research to see how people feel about our brands, whereas we should think of researching how people feel about themselves… and how we can affect that.

The video is an hour long, but it’s definitely worth it. Take a look at the examples he gives of NWA, Harley Davidson, Starbucks, Blockbuster and others, good stuff. This is one for my bringtheloveback series.

Bonus link: There’s also a video of an interview with Lou Carbone at MIX07 about this experience engineering.

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Stef Selfslagh goes to Boondoggle

After announcing last week that I-Merge changed brand to Boondoggle, there’s more interesting news coming from BoonDoggle. Stef Selfslagh (ex-Openhere) will be joining BoonDoggle as their Creative Director! Stef is the person who created ‘The Break-Up’ movie together with my colleague Geert and he has won a couple of national and international advertising awards so I’m sure he’ll be a great addition to the BoonDoggle team. Congrats.

Here’s ‘The Break-Up’ again and also another great ad that Stef created a while ago for Zazoo condoms. This last spot was ‘top rated video of all time‘ by the YouTube community (now still second) and has been viewed over 2.7 million times. Check them out below!

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Stop Pub

I just received an email from one of my colleagues pointing out to the website. I don’t know about other countries but it’s quite common in Belgium that you can get a sticker to put your mailbox (not your email inbox I’m afraid) to let the mailman know you just want direct mail and nothing else. The reason why I wanted to write about this one, is the image of the campaign. It’s yet another quite powerful message to advertisers that consumers want no more. Maybe I should start a bringtheloveback series, like Hugh has the Blue Monster series, whenever posts are related to this broken consumer/advertiser relationship.

(sorry for the distorted image)

Talking about the Blue Monster series, here’s a short video with Steve Clayton and Hugh MacLeod talking about this with David Brain from Edelman. And Steve, maybe next time ;)

Something is about to happen…

First of all there’s I-Merge. This Belgian interactive agency is about to change into it’s new … shape and therefor they launched a teasing campaign to build awareness of this. A lot of us knew that there were big changes to be expected and they could have done the classic PR approach + email to clients to announce it but… that’s not the I-Merge way :) If you go to the I-Merge website, you will be able to get one of the pixels out of their actual logo, basically helping it to fade out. By doing so you get a very real certificate that you’re the proud owner of this pixel… and obviously it’ll help the agency to update you once the news gets out. I own mine already, make sure you do as well. More about this on their blog.

The second thing that’s about to happen relates to ‘Bring the love back‘, something I spoke about earlier. We’re coming really close to the release of this short video and I’m sure many of you will like it. Hopefully it’ll fuel the conversation with advertisers on reaching today’s consumer. I’ll put up a post with the video once it’s live so keep an eye on this blog ;)

Bring the love back!

We’re nearing the launch of “The Break-Up” (aka “The Couple“), a video that a colleague of mine at Microsoft Digital Advertising Solutions has been working on. Remember the little movie was started to highlight the relationship with advertisers and today’s consumer, and especially how that has changed. I’ve just seen the final cut of the video and I think it’s great. It highlights in a funny way how the relationship has changed, a simple message that many of us still need to learn though.

Together with the creation of this Geert (my colleague) and Stef (Openhere) started a blog called ‘Bring the love back!‘a couple of weeks ago that follow up on the whole process including the initial agency briefing which is kinda cool. The video was shot in LA by Caviar and has Claire Coffee and Brad Raider as actors, both with a track record including television series like CSI, Bones, …

For the movie they created a poster as well in true Hollywood style which you can see below. From within a week or so you should hopefully be seeing a lot more of this, stay tuned if you’re interested in advertising or marketing.