Simpsons. The horror!

Well, at least some of it’s advertising is. I think the Simpsons movie is going to be great and most of the advertising & promotion I’ve seen from around the world were quite good as well. But what I saw today on the Flemish newssite was just a horrible experience. I’ve put a screenshot up here and if you go visit the site today, you’ll probably see it for yourself as well (never mind the Flemish, you can’t read anything anyway).



After ‘Man bites Dog’…

… Belgium brings you ‘PC bites Man’. Back in 1992 the killer comedy ‘C’est arrivé près de chez vous‘ (US title ‘Man bites Dog’) showed a camera crew that followed a serial killer/thief as he exercises his craft slowly involving the crew into it as it goes. From the comments it looked like people either hated or loved the movie, I found it to be fantastic.

And so today we get ‘PC bites Man’. This time it’s not a movie but an interesting campaign for the N95 that was developed by the Belgian agency These Days. It’s been a while since I saw an interactive campaign that is able to draw attention, is fun and which is still very much in line with the value prop of the product. Many times a viral campaign is fun but you wonder what the link with the product is.


The N95 caries slogans like “What computers have become” (UK) or “The computer re-invented” (BE) so extending that to the idea that ‘regular’ computers are becoming jealous of the N95 is a good one. And, the execution of the idea is brilliant. Just take a look at and check out the shocking footage or the medical pictures from the doctor’s office. Here’s one of the videos:

But the site offers you a lot more than just the funny videos around these accidents. It offers a map with ww victims, camouflage ringtones or the N95 disguise mug that you can order. It also has videos with safety tips that learn you how to deal with jealous computers, like the one below:

Last but not least, These Days makes very good use of the power of wom by offering easy links to share the videos on blogs for instance but also safety posters you can download to hang in the office making it more than only an online piece. And of course you can upload your own experience as well. They also created some personalized video warnings for know influencers in the mobile space. Even if the videos were only personalized to include the name of the influencer, it still is quite remarkable.

Great stuff guys! I love it.

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Virtual GPS?

… or “it’s for my boss”. These were some of the great quotes out of a little video made by Karl Long, a very good marketing blogger that works at Nokia. I know I’m a little bit behind due to my holidays, but I had to post this one. It think it’s a really smart video (and cheap) that shows everything there is to say to it especially since the video is made with the Nokia N95. Great job Karl!

Read on about the how and why at Karl’s blog. There’s a very good post on the buzz around the iPhone on the Pronet Advertising blog by the way in ‘the importance of marketing and covering in moderation‘.

(disclaimer: I work for Microsoft)

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Global marketing community

Today I received a copy from “The Origin Of Brands” signed for me by Al & Laura Ries thanks to CK (Is it possible not to love her?). You might remember I ordered a copy of it on Amazon in February or so but never received it, but then again you see how the community steps in… isn’t that great?!


This is also another great reminder of the global marketing community that is shaping up big time if you ask me. Although this is not new for today, there have been a number of initiatives that seemed to have speed up that whole marketing conversation and it’s very exciting to be part of that. Think about The Viral Garden’s Top 25 Marketing blogs (a classic) which is now in a new format, Todd Andrlik’s Power 150 that includes +300 Marketing blogs actually, Marketing Profs Book Club, The Conversation Age ebook, … all very interesting projects driven by the people out of this community.

Another sign of the common interest in this community is the fact that people want to learn more about each other and also there we see a few initiatives that are worth looking at. Arun did a great job on profiling all 100 Age of Conversation authors, Todd started doing something similar on the Power 150 called the Power Profiles (with Darryl Ohrt as a first guest), we also have Blogger Stories from Toby Bloomberg and don’t forget the compelling ‘bloggers as teachers‘ post from Ryan Karpeles, you sure teached me Ryan!

If that all ain’t enough, think about the conversation we’re all having amongst eachother, whether that is in each other’s blog comments, via email, on Twitter, IM, … whatever. There’s this special notion amongst blogger of ‘meeting’ people, you know where you put the ‘meeting’ between brackets ;) I wonder if that’s a kind of meeting only bloggers understand, but I sure ‘met’ some interesting people this way the last few weeks and months (you know who you are) and I hope I get the chance to ‘meet’ more of you soon.

Maybe it is just me and nothing really has changed, but I get the feeling it has. I’m looking forward to more of this and wouldn’t it be fantastic if eventually we find a time and a place we could all meet up face to face and have a sort of Marketing Mashup? Sounds good to me ;)

Exclusive: I-Merge becomes Boondoggle!

The news is out! We all knew something big was about to happen with the Belgian agency I-Merge and today is the day: I-Merge becomes Boondoggle and opens a new office in Amsterdam at the same time as well.


Why the new name for i-merge?
Pieter Goiris , CEO Boondoggle: “The name i-merge was generally perceived as having too strong a link with the internet as a medium. The talent encompassed by our agency goes much further than mere ‘media expertise’. Our vision on communication revolves around the guiding principle of the consumer. Everything we do is based on recognition for the consumer’s impact on his/her surrounds. These days, it’s people that make the brand. That’s a vision that goes beyond digital media. It is a vision on communication ‘in itself’. The internet was the impetus for change in the way people and brands communicate, sparking a trend that has since continued beyond its own bounds. Consequently, our services have also evolved, which is why we have chosen a new name, independent of any particular medium.”

Congrats to the whole I-Merge team and especially to my blogging buddy Tom De Bruyne who will run the office in Amsterdam. I’ll try to get used to the new name now ;)