Overtaking myself

I’m pretty sure that before the week is over, this other blog of mine will have passed this one in traffic. The graph you see here is from the last 15 or so weeks, and shows this blog in blue and I Blog Mustang in red. I would never have thought this would happen, believe me.


The Mustang blog is more of a fun side project, on which I post only once a week maybe and with long periodes of no updates at all. But it’s been growing steady almost since day one. There are also a few curious differences between the 2 blogs. See the dip in the blue line for instance? That was a 2 week no-blogging holiday, which clearly impacts this blog but doesn’t change a thing on the other.

Some differences are maybe a bit more obvious, looking at browsers and operating systems for instance. On this blog 57% use IE and 33% use FF versus 73% for IE and 20% for FF on the Mustang blog. And I see 6% using a OSX on the Mustang blog versus 12% here. Windows Vista is around 10% on both.

Last but not least, although traffic is quite similar now, Technorati authority is way different. This blog has around 246 as I write this and the other one’s authority has a mere 10. It’s fine though, I do tend to believe I know something about marketing but I can assure you I know nothing about cars :)

Clearly a different audience on both, still I’m surprised of the growth over the last few weeks. Hopefully that 3rd little project will do the same (or even better). But more on that later.

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Quality beer from Belgium

You didn’t expect me not to talk about this one right? Enjoy the ad and given the start of a new weekend, I would say enjoy a Stella as well. Or another one of the gazillion different Belgian beers ;)


Sadly enough, the world just lost one of the greatest (if not THE greatest) beer expert this week. Read more about Michael Jackson (not that one) at the Beer Hunter or on Wikipedia.

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Nikon: why I like top topicals

The advertising format I like probably most of all is the ‘top topical’. The reason for that is the need of instant creativity and speed of execution for it to make sense… and this is exactly what Duval Guillaume did with this little viral for Nikon. If you’re not from Belgium (and most of you aren’t) then I’ll have to explain this a little though.

In short: we’ve had elections a few months ago and since then all parties are trying to figure out the right coalition to run this little mad country. Given the 2 regions etc etc this is not working really well (to say the least). On Monday a photographer shooting images the key negotiators in this discussion as they entered the domain, took a picture of former prime minister Jean-Luc Deheane with a note on his lap… and it was big news as you could read the secret note quite good. Just take a look here (just for the images) and you’ll get the idea.

So what happened next, after this was all over the news? Someone noticed the picture was shot with a Nikon … and this is what you get.

Kudos to Nikon and Duval Guillaume Antwerp… and to the photographer as well I guess :)

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Pecha Kucha Night Brussels

I got my first Pecha Kucha invite in June last year, when Wunderman organized one in Cannes at the Advertising Festival. It coincided with the Cyber Lions unfortunately and I made the choice to go see those as we (MSN) were the main sponsor. As I said in my post about it back then, that might have been the wrong choice.


Last week I received an email saying that Alok Nandi (Architempo) is setting up the Pecha Kucha Nights in Brussels, starting with the first event on November 20th so that’s some very good news and you can be sure I’ll be present. If you don’t know what a Pecha Kucha is, here’s some background. In short, think presentation of 20 slides, at 20 seconds per slide. No control.

Too bad that Alok decided to take the same WordPress template as me though :)

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Brussels Girl Geek Dinner

When two of your favorite girl geeks set something up, what do you do? You talk about it of course, like if they needed more visibility :) A couple of months ago Hugh introduced me via email to Sarah Blow, the founder of the (London) Girl Geek Dinners. Unfortunately we haven’t met yet but had a few chats over IM and I’m pretty sure we’ll get together for drinks or some one of the following occasions I’m in London.

This way I knew for a while hat the Girl Geek Dinners were coming to Belgium as well, but last week that idea really came to live with the launch of the Brussels Girl Geek Dinner blog (design by Ine). So for all you Belgian girl geeks out there – subscribe to the blog while I’ll find a way to dress up for the occasion so I can attend that dinner as well ;)

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Simpsons. The horror!

Well, at least some of it’s advertising is. I think the Simpsons movie is going to be great and most of the advertising & promotion I’ve seen from around the world were quite good as well. But what I saw today on the Flemish newssite HLN.be was just a horrible experience. I’ve put a screenshot up here and if you go visit the site today, you’ll probably see it for yourself as well (never mind the Flemish, you can’t read anything anyway).