The million dollar office

It seems like the million dollar homepage has resulted in some amazing offline ideas as well. It’s no secret that people have tried to replicate the idea online (with most of the time only a small twist to it) without big success. It seems like this project from the Sandberg Institute in The Netherlands might be able to do just that… offline and they call it Artvertising.


[Via Emakina Blog]

Do the Pollock!

So ok, I agree, I’m not too much of an artist, but this is really some good fun. Matth sent me this site, where you basically can create your own Jackson Pollock style painting. Give it a try and make sure you share your ‘art’ with the world… or would that be a bad idea :-). You’ll see that it’s very easy to create ‘something’, just move your mouse around, click to change color.


More nifty Top 10’s

Only a couple of days after ‘Nifty Top 10’s’ I got more of them to share with you:

They forgot to include one of the best designed blogs of all, namely veerle’s blog, so just had to rectify that one. And I would buy other stuff when I was filthy rich, but you got to start somewhere of course.


Oh yeah, this is written on a Tablet PC, which I like quite a lot ;-) (See n°3 in Microsoft product flops).

[Via Personal Tech Pipeline | Collage]

Renaissance superheroes?

wonderwoman.jpgThere were no superheroes during the renaissance period. Why? Apparently there were no supervillains so they were not needed. That would explain the lack of superheroes in fine art. It's time to fix that. Well that is according to where they are running this Photoshop contest on superheroes. It's a pretty cool idea and some of the results are very good.

The rules of the contest are thus:
Take any piece of fine art and incorporate a superhero (or supervillain), as in the awesome themepost. As always, quality is a must. We'll remove poor entries no matter how much we like you. You'll have 48 hours for this contest, so make your submissions count.

If you like the idea, take a look at the contest website for all entries, it's worth it. I think I like this one most of all, maybe not the most complicated, but I like the simplicity of the image.