The LIFT experience

Last week I went to LIFT08 in Geneva, and although it is a conference, I think you’d better describe it as an experience. And an experience I was really much looking forward to, especially after talking to Laurent Haug and Cristiana Bolli Freitas, the creative brains and organizers of LIFT a few months earlier. PartContinue reading “The LIFT experience”

Marketing accountability

Marketers have an image problem and it’s their (our) own fault. Marketers need to become more accountable for themselves and for the benefit of the business. This words come out of a presentation from Futurelab, but they’re not the only ones to realize that accountability is exactly one of the key issues marketers have toContinue reading “Marketing accountability”

When reality looks like a game

This is kind of funny. Most of the time we’ll see references on how realistic games can be. Remember these screenshots of racing cars where it’s very tough to say which is actually in game footage and which isn’t. In this case, it’s the other way around. Today I noticed this image on a blog calledContinue reading “When reality looks like a game”

Pow!erful art

The title of this post references as both the art itself as the blog I first read about this. Andy Nulman’s Pow!Right between the eyes talked about this beatutiful piece ‘peggy’ created by Matt Bilfield. It’s a modern interpretation of ‘m-maybe’, a painting by Roy Lichtenstein. Very nice. Technorati Tags: peggy, pow, andynulman, mattbilfield, art

Belgian designer vibes

Pimp your Netvibes! The newest customization features for Netvibes include some new themes as well, one theme being designed by Veerle Pieter, a very cool Belgian designer. “Named after its author’s name, Veerle Pieters, this theme shows nice rounded modules and elegant new tabs. Veerle did an amazing job by pushing the limits of netvibesContinue reading “Belgian designer vibes”