The top 10 weirdest USB devices ever

Man, how do they come up with all that stuff? What’s the use? Well at least we had fun reading this. So check it out, this list should present the top 10 weirdest USB devices ever, if you could come up with an even more crazy one… tell me about it. Well here’s the list, if you want to see the images (you should) then click on the link.

  1. The USB vibrator
  2. The eye massager
  3. USB heating gloves
  4. USB flower pot speaker
  5. USB self destruction button
  6. USB massage ball
  7. USB heated slippers
  8. The USB ghost radar
  9. USB air darts
  10. George Foreman USB iGrill

Let the good times roll

With all the sites, blogs, journals, … you come across on the web, it is actually very rare that you stumble on a blog like the one from Guy Kawasaki: Let the good times roll. It’s not just a good post that got you to it, through RSS, but it’s one of those sites were you like reading one post after the other. Especially the top 10’s weren’t disappointing: check out ‘The Art of Recruiting‘, ‘The Art of Execution‘, ‘How to be a Demo God‘, ‘How to kick butt on a Panel‘, ‘The Art of Evangelism‘ and so on and so on. I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I did and I hope there’ more to come from this blogger (quote: “blogger. n. someone with nothing to say writing for someone with nothing to do”). Let the good times roll Guy!

Internet Explorer 7 Preview Beta 2

Since a few hour ago the beta 2 for IE7 is available for public download (so not MSDN subscription needed this time) at the Microsoft website. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while as the IE7 features shown on the web were looking pretty nice, so I installed it and will testdrive it for a while. Looks pretty neat … after you got past the download landing page.


That I hadn’t noticed this before, damn! I’m a true fan of Ricky Gervais since I first saw The Office on BBC and only now I found out that he has his own podcast together with his buddy in crime Stephen Merchant and special guest Karl Pilkinton who they say is ‘the funniest man alive in Britain today’ (which might just be very true). They are already halfway a series of 12, but I can only tell you to sign up for the podcast, as it is hilarious. [Via I-Wisdom]

And just today I stumbled across a real funny video on the internet which was promoted through the new MSN Video carrousel in the Windows Live Messenger beta. It’s a spoof on Apple ads by a guy who loves Mac (see also: sarcasm) as he points out himself. Yes I’ve had my share of laughter today :-).

The Museum of E-Failure

Those were the days. Well not really maybe, but I did have this nostalgic feeling when I took a look at the Museum of E-Failure posted on Ghostsites. When looking quickly at the list, I noticed and remembered especially (with the virtual shopping assistant if I’m not mistaken), (that would guide you to interesting websites within your interests), (of which I’ve written before, and that could have been a genuine web 2.0 experience if it were launched today… and created with AJAX or Ruby as some would say).

Anyway, it’s a really impressive list they’ve come up with. Very nice!

[ Via The Stalwart]

How To Be A Good Marketer In Ten Easy Steps

Tara Hunt of horsepigcow wrote an interesting post of what makes a good marketer in today’s era. It’s good stuff. I’ll get you a fast overview of the top 10 but I encourage you to visit the original article of Tara to see the full story.

A good marketer …

  1. is a community advocate
  2. knows today’s brands aren’t built in boardrooms or ad agencies or brainstorming sessions
  3. plans a little, but changes a lot
  4. doesn’t only respond to community needs today, but also knows what needs will arise tomorrow
  5. rewards the community members who stand behind him/her
  6. gets involved in the community
  7. is his/her own client
  8. knows when to back off
  9. learns to use the tools available to them
  10. never takes him/herself too seriously

[Via AdPulp / Gaping Void]

The Zero Movement

“Coke lies, misleads with fake ‘zero’ blog. Has coke overstepped the mark with its invasion of the online community?” That’s the title of an article on the Marketing Blog about Coke Zero. For this new drink Coke had launched a new website with blog called ‘The Zero Movement‘.  This website did fit in complete guerilla campaign, complete with tagging in the streets etc. Now apparently some people in the blogging community – according to the Marketing Blog – saw this move as intrusive, as unreal, as fake and thus they reacted against it. How? By altering Coke advertising on the streets, but more important by creating an anti-Coke Zero website with Now as I read the article it seems like the creation of Coke’s ‘fake’ blog was the reason to start all this, which I don’t agree. Check out the Coke website and you’ll see it’s not like Coke is hiding it’s brand from it, so it’s not like they’re pretending to be something else than what they are. Is that fake? Is that intrusive? I don’t think so. If that would be the case, Google’s Adwords are as fake compared to the ‘genuine’ webresults and should be punished too… if that ain’t a stupid idea!

Was it a good idea from Coke to create this blog with the Zero launch? Maybe yes, maybe no. I feel like it fitted within the idea of the whole guerilla campaign. Did it work out ok for them, it sure didn’t if you see what they did to the advertising, but the stupidest thing they’ve probably done is that they forgot to buy some domains especially those that counterparted their dot com. But I guess that won’t happen anymore after this. And as far as creating a blog for branding reasons, that’s just fine with me, as long as they never pretend for it to be fansites or whatever, which they clearly didn’t. And yes, Coke, like many other big enterprises will always have their lovers and their haters, and especially the last group is more responsible for this anti-Zero move, than a so-called fake blog would have been if you ask me.

Web 2.0: that’s so 2005

web20_piechart.jpgJeffrey Zeldman has an interesting post about web 3.0 like he calls it at A List Apart. For all of you working with AJAX and Ruby On Rails, creating social networking applications online, he wishes you good luck…. and reminds you of the fact that 20 people (and probably loads more) are working on the same. Or in a snapshot: web 2.0 is fresh-faced starlet on the intertwingled longtail to the disruptive experience  of tomorrow. Web 3.0 thinks you’re so 2005.

Another really interesting post can be found on Infotangle about “The Hype and the Hullabaloo of Web 2.0”. It’s not really taking opinion at this point, but it does give a good overview of what it’s all about, who’s pro & contra and why. If you haven’t heard of the phenomenon before, I guess I would suggest you read this.

Finally you should check out the source of this nice graph that goes together with my post. It comes from Simply Blog and it’s about the 10 reasons why web 2.0 is like disco. For the full story, visit the blog, but here is the top 10:

#1: Feels great, but don’t want any pictures caught doing it.
#2: Nobody quite sure what it is, but everyone wants to try.
#3: First learned how to do it at [foo | bar | summer] camp.
#4: Lots of parties, alcohol, and women with big hair.
#5: Can fool most people if you can just do [ajax | the hustle].
#6: More about having fun than doing something useful.
#7: Open source, free love, & fashion from the 70’s.
#8: People are remixing it all the time.
#9: More popular it gets, more people trash it, more popular it gets.

and last but not least:

#10: Done best when you don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks.

Start Something

A while ago Microsoft launched it’s Start Something campaign that promoted the usage of Windows XP through several scenarios on education, entertainment, digital imaging, productivity, connectivity, etc… In the same spirit of this campaign they also ran a contest where they asked how designers would envision the next-generation Windows PC and especially how innovative they could be on the subject. The winners were announced at CES, but here you can see the results from all participants. There are actually some pretty cool ideas in there, certainly worth a visit: Start Something PC.