Photosynth: it’s here!

I can’t count the number of times I’ve written about Photosynth anymore, but trust me when I say the number of times I wanted to say even more is even bigger. I remember how the first reactions (the oohs and aahs) were quickly followed by questions about the computing power that would be needed toContinue reading “Photosynth: it’s here!”


Photosynth & Surface: impressive!

When I saw Blaise Aguera y Arcas do the Photosynth demo at an internal event last year in July I was really impressed and I must say that feeling has never gone away. Today I found this video from the demo Blaise gave at TED about Seadragon and Photosynth and again, there’s only one word:Continue reading “Photosynth & Surface: impressive!”

Photosynth: tech preview now live!

I must say that I’ve been waiting for this moment since I first saw a live demo of this at an internal meeting in July (disclaimer: I work for Microsoft). I found Photosynth one of the most incredible web applications I’ve seen in a while so I’ve been very keen on the day it wentContinue reading “Photosynth: tech preview now live!”

Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth

This is so cool! We saw a live demo of Photosynth last week in the US and I must say I’ve really been waiting for the moment to blog about this. I thought it was awesome. “Photosynth takes a large collection of photos of a place or object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays themContinue reading “Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth”

Bing@TED: awesome!

The maps feature on Microsoft’s search products has always had a bit of an edge over Google maps. It wasn’t all good, but the 3D map view was always more realistic compared to competitors, the Bird’s Eye view still remains unique and if you see what they presented at TED a few hours ago… frigginContinue reading “Bing@TED: awesome!”


This is how the Urban Dictionary defines this: “(adj) something that is so baffling only goggles could understand”. I suppose that is how you got to think of Google Goggles, a mobile tool that allows you to take a picture of something to get instant search results based on the content of the picture. SoundsContinue reading “Mindgoggling”

Mighty cool!

It’s not the first time I blogged about Photosynth but what can I say, it keeps impressing me over and over. Here’s a new video created by the University of Washington of a Photosynth they’ve created of the old city of Dubrovnik based on pictures of the city found on Flickr. Just take a lookContinue reading “Mighty cool!”

TechFest ‘09

Microsoft Research is currently having it’s annual gathering in Redmond, showing the world some of the latest projects they’ve been working on – TechFest 2009. “TechFest is an annual event that brings researchers from Microsoft Research’s labs around the world to Redmond to share their latest work with Microsoft product teams. Attendees experience some ofContinue reading “TechFest ‘09”

The point cloud

This is so cool, it’s not the first time I’ve written about Photosynth but while I was playing with this new Silverlight viewer for Photosynth I got a little into this ‘point cloud’ views and again, must say that this really is awesome. So I’m looking at this Photosynth (196 photos and 98% synthy –Continue reading “The point cloud”