My issue with the iPad

It’s not about the lack of Flash support. Although you visit less sites in their mobile version (if available) on the iPad thus the lack of Flash support is a bigger pain than on the iPhone, I knew what I was getting into when I bought one. Nor is it the lack of multi-tasking capabilities, I’m sure once iOS4 arrives on the iPad we will have that (kinda) sorted out. And also the fact that there are only few really good iPad apps is an issue (for now). There may as well be several thousand apps available (250.000 if you count all iPhone apps), we all know most of them are rubbish.

My issue is with the OS. It still is a big phone, without the phone functionalities then… probably to avoid situations like this to happen. Now a mobile phone typically is a very personal piece of technology. You don’t just hand to someone else to toy with it, it’s yours and personal. And that’s where the problem lies, for me the iPad isn’t personal. Not like the iPhone (or any other mobile phone for that matter). My wife and I both have our own mobiles but it’s rather unlikely that I we will get a second iPad, we both use it. But since it’s built on a mobile OS, it’s not really built for multiple users. There’s no need for that on a phone but it means that on the iPad there’s a primary user next to other people that can also use it. But not in the same way.

Still don’t see the problem? I really enjoy Flipboard, so does my wife. But it’s logged in with my Twitter/Facebook accounts so she cannot really enjoy that part. I could add her email account(s) to the iPad but then those would be visible to both of us, that’s not really what you want. And we try and beat each other on playing Mahjong but since there’s only one high score, it impossible to tell (remember) who it was from. It would enable me to personalize the iPad for the kids when they use it as well. With us, the iPad is typically lying around in the living room for anyone in the family to use when they feel like it. But since I’m the primary user (and the geek – yes, that too) it’s mainly setup towards my needs. I find that a missed opportunity.

It would be great to see the iOS for iPad change in a way you can have a user login upfront, similar to what we are used to on our PCs/Macs. Or the possibility to switch between users, all to get a more personal experience on a multi-user/shared device. I’m afraid that is not going to happen (soon) so maybe in that case it’s worth asking the developers of Flipboard, Reeder, Mahjong, … to implement the possibility to switch between users in the app itself. Less ideal, but it would still solve my issue with the iPad.



  1. Michiel Carpentier says:

    Your issue with the iPad is Apple’s profit path… The idea is to have an iPad a person of course. Remember the Personal Computer? Well, that’s the idea I guess… Personal. But as we only have one in the house too, it annoys me no end when my wife logs into HER Facebook and HER mail :-)

    Cheers –M.

  2. Spot on description of an issue I hadn’t really considered yet. They could use the patent they have for fingerprint and retinal recognition.

    But yes, Steve does know what’s best for you and he would obviously prefer you get a second, third, fourth iPad…

    Don’t send him your idea though:

  3. All the reasons for ditching it after 2 weeks.

  4. Ine says:

    I didn’t write my experiences down yet, but at this moment it is a bit of a disappointment.
    Probably due to the lack of apps and well, iOs4 – i know it is coming-
    But at this point, I find the Sony e-reader to be more kind to my eyes (although I do keep on sweeping, and tapping on it since I have the iPad) for reading epubs.
    And my mac is serving me better at writing whatever. I hate the keyboard thing on the iPad (although I like it better than on the iPhone or any other phone)
    I’m pretty happy the iPad was a gift by one of my clients who definitely wants his site to be working on it. But I wouldn’t have bought it myself.
    Maybe it also has to do with the fact that for most apps internet is needed.
    And that just doesn’t work if you’re in a train in the middle of nowhere and that stupid app says ‘Duh, you need internet’
    It is just too early.
    When more decent apps appear, making good use and adding value, in combo with multi-tasking.
    Until then it is a good tv-channel (hulu and abs are working here in the hotel room).
    And a giant mathmachine. Lol.

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