Sketch2Photo: do want.

This is a pretty awesome piece of software I must admit, too bad it’s not publicly available yet so you’ll have to do it with the photos and videos instead. The software composes a realistic picture based on simple freehand sketch annotated with text labels. Basically the sketch below is supposed to result in the photo next to it (and a few alternatives) based on photos found on the internet. If that really works… you’ll have to agree that that is pretty cool.


Here’s the full process:


You can see more examples as well as a video showing the process on the Sketch2Photo website.

[Via The Web Life]


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  1. Bart says:

    This makes me think… Suppose you take a large picture library like iStockphoto where all pictures are decently tagged. Then you sketch out your idea using labels. Those labels are then replaced with iStockphoto images (isolated versions, with transparent background) and placed on top of each other. A little antialiasing and some feathering and there you have your composed image! Pretty easy to do but I doubt you will end up with something nice :)

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