Going vertical

A couple of days ago I read this article about a new book format called ‘Dwarsligger’ (Dutch) which is supposed to make it easier to read in bed or on a plane… Not only is the book’s size adapted but more importantly you have to read from top to bottom instead of left to right.


Interesting thought, I’m almost amazed nobody else thought of this before. Funny enough, only a couple of days later, I noticed the following video in which another Dutchman presents a new invention at the INMA Outlook 2010 Conference: the vertical newspaper. I smell a trend :)

Who’s next?



  1. Everjean says:

    Some years ago I spotted a book in regular shape but that had the first part printed on the left side pages, and the rest on the right side pages.
    If you lay down in bed, you never had to change your book’s position :) you only had to rollover to the other side to continue reading part 2 …

  2. Quikboy says:

    Maybe for newspapers it makes sense, but books? I don’t think book publishers can efficiently do a vertical style, without having to cram in the text more closer together, or having to add more paper to keep the spacing neat and more readable.

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