If you printed the internet…

Very nice infographic about what it would take if you wanted to print out all the content on the internet. Here’s one visual, make sure you visit CreativeCloud for more infographics about the topic.



  1. Sam North, a health educator with the county, informed board members that for many, smoking a hookah is a social event.

    The City Council decided Wednesday not to permit hookah smoking lounges in Escondido, asserting that such
    businesses wouldn’t appeal to the appropriate crowd to downtown, would possibly jeopardize the well being of
    teens and could burden the Police Division. People who smoke who suppose that
    making an attempt hookah as a healthier different to cigarettes are means off base.

  2. The glass block within the center admits and scatters the light from the LED array which is behind the
    block, buried in a recess within the wood.
    Here is a shot very early morning of two variations of
    the DIY LED Outdoor Lamp Challenge on my test pathway.

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