Before we go any further I need to ask you to take a look at the video below. This is the clip of an audition during the television program ‘So You Think You can Dance’ in Belgium. Never mind the language, just look… Meet Leon. I suppose you noted the consternation of the jury not […]

Here’s one for all my ex-colleagues at Microsoft, nice campaign visual for CNA Stores. The campaign has some other visuals in case you’re interested which you can check out here. [Via Adpunch]

It’s not the first time I blogged about Photosynth but what can I say, it keeps impressing me over and over. Here’s a new video created by the University of Washington of a Photosynth they’ve created of the old city of Dubrovnik based on pictures of the city found on Flickr. Just take a look […]

Checking out Crazy Carlo’s latest stunt – seen it yet? Disclaimer: this video was made by Duval Guillaume, the agency I work for.

What the f**ck is Social Media: one year later. A presentation I suppose a lot of you have seen right now, as it was posted about 2 months ago and pretty much every blog on social media posted it by now. So why am I still posting it now then? Because only recently someone made […]

Very nice infographic about what it would take if you wanted to print out all the content on the internet. Here’s one visual, make sure you visit CreativeCloud for more infographics about the topic.

So what is it that you’re doing on the internet all day?  Check this out. 10.24.2009