Not making any money on this either

The great thing about analogies is that when you place a certain situation into another context or circomstances it often helps to make things understandable. This video is doing a great job at that, showing something that is very common between clients and agencies today into a fresh context… have fun ;)



  1. bartclaeys says:

    For some reason the video doesn’t show up. It’s supposed to be placed in the white area under your text, right?

    Anyway, I clicked the link. Nice movie.
    Post production could be a bit better,
    but hey they probably didn’t pay for it :)

  2. Kris Hoet says:

    Thanks Bart – problem solved.

  3. Jer00n says:

    Hilarious. Actually this also very closely resembles the dialogue that advertisers have with our media sales people – guess it’s the new economy :)

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