Rant alert. I got myself a new racebike about 2-3 weeks ago and also received a Garmin Edge 605 bike GPS for my birthday a few days later. Started using both straight away… well kinda. I am a bit of a web & gadget addict (I am sure you had that one figured out by […]

I have to say, if I got to name what I like to do most in my job at Microsoft then it is stuff like this. Yesterday we had a meetup at the Microsoft office in Athens to with Greek bloggers to talk about the upcoming release of MSN.GR. Typically we will talk a bit […]

Keeping a little tradition going here … Kudos to Evan for the great photo btw.

Who says you cannot do funky advertising on billboards anymore. You gotta love stuff like this, I know I do :) Via Absoluut Matth

Traditional TV to be correct. Over the last few weeks and months we have been studying a number of European statistics coming from our own services as well as external data and that resulted in some interesting findings, one of which that says that by June 2010 people on average will spend more time online […]

I’ve been working on a theory that relates a lot to the content of this presentation. The theory is something I need to blog about later (once I get it all nicely lined up) so take a look at this in the meantime.