Microsoft Advertising

Although most of my work is related to some of Microsoft’s biggest consumer brands such as Windows Live, MSN, etc I also do (more and more actually) work for Microsoft Advertising. What does Microsoft have to offer to advertisers? Many of you might remember “Bring The Love Back”, today we have created another little 90 seconds video that explains a bit more what it is we do at Microsoft Advertising, check it out:

I’ve also set up a Twitter account for Microsoft Advertising Europe, offering another way to get in touch with us so follow us in case you are interested in advertising and curious about what we have to offer.



  1. laurensvdw says:

    No offence but really being interested I’m kind of disappointed after watching this great looking video. It contains a lot of words and one clear message (the baseline at the end) but doesn’t really explain a lot. Or is it just me? Could be.

    Off course looking at it from a commercial point of view, this ‘commercial’ is job well done, no doubt about that!

  2. james warren says:

    nice, i like it. does exactly what it says on the tin: you can deliver truly ‘inline’ channel agnostic advertising. i think the interesting opportunity for Msft is around not calling it advertising any more – because in any conventional definition of the word, your promise isn’t really ‘advertising’. your promise is around engagement

  3. philippe says:

    nice. really. but I don’t buy it. why would that be?

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