Some IKEA for the Oval Office

In the newspaper (Het Nieuwsblad) this weekend: “American Government shops at IKEA”:

“They might be driving in expensive cars, but when it comes down to furniture it seems that some people in the US government have a slightly less expensive taste. The people in this government limo have clearly gone to IKEA.”


Oh yeah? Apart from overly exaggerating with the eye-catching title I doubt if any of this is true, especially since IKEA is running this campaign as we speak… makes it quite a coincidence don’t you think? Kudos to IKEA though ;)




  1. Quikboy says:

    Hmm, I doubt that’s real. I don’t think that’s a real government car. They would never leave the trunk open, as someone could slip a bomb or such inside. They’d ship it in an unmark truck.

    Also, why would there be a bed in the Oval Office? The furniture in the Oval Office has been there since almost forever.

    Ok, so yeah, that is really fake. Just checked the site out. :)

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